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I love the art deco-ness of this silverware we inherited from @nein09’s great grandma.


friends! You’re in the ancestral land of the Duwamish. Join me in paying them rent if you’re able:

How much exercise does it take to burn off those Thanksgiving calories? 

food shitpost 

A plea for fellow settlers 

As always: #weloveslug ! This Cratena peregrina was on the Rozi, Malta. Love at first sight.

In northern Ethiopia, at 130 meters below sea level, in the hottest valley in the world, there exists a series of pools that look more alien than anything that should rightly be found on Earth.

This is the dangerously beautiful Dallol Volcano, and hydrothermal system, found in the Danakil depression. The highest point of the volcano reaches -48 meters above sea level. Brine pools and acidic liquid spout from the ground, building up salt and sulfuric pillars as temporary geysers build them. Here, not two but three tectonic plates move away from each other, causing the land to sink deeper and deeper, and bringing up minerals from deep within the Earth. In the next few million years, the Red Sea will eventually fill the depression.

The word Dallol, in the language of the Afar people, means disintegration. The Disintegration Volcano.

Christmas was originally called Christ Massive and was started as a secret little rave out in the early ADs, not many people know this but The Disciples were a pretty good early example of drum and bass collectives.
Anyway, don't forget the true meaning of Christmas

higher ed, fuck ICE, they're really going beyond to be awful 

:weirder_earth: instance block 

:weirder_earth: instance block 

Here's a good news story about coral reefs:

TLDR: they can be cultivated, even quite close to the equator, to restore a reef from bleaching and sediment damage. And Wasini Island, Kenya is showing how local people can be deeply engaged in the restoration and directly benefit from tourism to their newly resplendent reef + better fishing outside the restoration area.

#Icelandic has some useful words which English lacks.

(Of course, this will be true of any pair of languages - English and #Icelandic are simply the ones I use the most and know best.)

My favourite such word tends to be "sólarhringur": a sun-circle, the 24 period of one day and one night.


Lately I've been really missing a good translation for "spennufall": literally a "tension drop." It's used to name the deflated feeling you get when you've been stressed or under pressure... and suddenly it's over, whatever it was.

Inexplicably sad after winning a contest? Spennufall.

Feeling empty after passing a difficult exam? Spennufall.

Unable to enjoy your new found freedom after meeting a deadline? Spennufall.

Pretty much any time you should be celebrating but just want to climb into bed and sleep instead, that's probably #spennufall.

It's a very useful word!

Today a friend coined “Blokechain” and I’m adopting that.

More smol friends, these ones took up residence in the tip jar of the coffee stand in the lobby of my office.

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Salutation univers! ✨

Le dimanche c'est déjà tip top en sois mais je suis certaine que c'est encore mieux avec des photos de bébés loutres ❤️

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