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Hummingbirds are magical creatures, even if I can only ever capture their images at feeders.

has been having earthquakes at all hours of the day since December 28th. Many have been minor but anything above a 5.0 on the Richter scale will damage structure. Last Monday's and Tuesday's, plus last night's and this morning's, all exceeded 5.0.

People are afraid to go to sleep because of the possibility of them happening overnight, like what happened at 4am Tuesday. Imagine being in a situation where sleeping outside of your home is safer. This is the reality for many people.

I took this short video much more for the sound than the visuals.

Things that have caused distractions in our taiji classes this week:
🐯The resident cat
🦋That moth that landed on one of us and wouldn’t leave
🐦Hummingbirds out the window
🌈A rainbow.

I like this crowd.

TIL that in the US, you can get advertisers to stop sending you physical mail by telling the post office "that you, *in your own discretion*, believe [the advertisements] to be 'erotically arousing or sexually provocative.'" (Emphasis mine.)

USPS and the advertiser are not legally allowed to contest this.

So if you tell them that CreditOne mailings just make you *too horny*...

"I wonder if this impulse to share, the urge to elbow your neighbor, who maybe was not even your neighbor until the bird flew between you up into the pipes and rafters you did not notice until you followed the bird there, is also among the qualities of delight? And further, I wonder if this impulse suggests---and this is just a hypothesis, though I suspect there is enough evidence to make it a theorem---that our delight grows as we share it."

Ross Gay, The Book of Delights

tattoo care advice request 


No eyes? No problem. Brittle star expands boundaries of vision

A brittle star species native to the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico lacks eyes, but can still see, according to scientists who studied this creature that expands the boundaries of the sense of sight in the animal kingdom.

It may not look like it from the photos I’ve shared so far, but we are actually here for taiji. I’m just not usually holding a camera in those sessions. But here is some slow photography in that spirit. Details in image descriptions.

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Buckeye DOT social is gab adjacent.

Please block if you haven't already.

I went to see who they were and saw straight up GAB posts being shared.

And they've been replying to a lot of us over on the good side of masto.

Please be careful


+ some tiny + a view + a few moments of flying through the trees.
The flowers are called Santa Lucia, and there’s a local saying about how giving someone these in January will make them rich for the year, rhyming Enero with dinero.

We don't need fucking idols, we need solidarity. Cancel your bloody heroes for the smallest of mistakes but give your everyday person comrades a chance to be better. Thinking that cancelling is the same whether it's applied to a grifter with thousands of fans or an ordinary person trying their best is the same kind of false equivalence that the right uses to bait the Libs, don't fall for that shit.

copied from twitter: For anyone in the US military considering going AWOL, becoming a conscientious objector, or withdrawing your consent in some other way--the GI Rights Hotline is run by civilians and offers free, confidential counseling & information. 1-877-447-4487

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