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re: a brief history of christian atonement theory 

This is GENIUS. 馃憦馃徑

Brilliant use of cognitive framing as well as humor. And fighting gentrification in one fell swoop.

RT afainatl@birdsite:

Someone is thinking creatively about white nationalist leaders active on the Atlanta property market.

"Posters Urge Atlanta Residents Not to Dump Trash on White Supremacists鈥 Properties"

#antifa #atl #directaction

And finally, a wonderful marble statue titled "Gladiator reads news on his phone between bouts". Probably.

italypol, fash 

In an emergency, I will definitely make sure to consult this clear and simple diagram in the hotel lobby.

DRM, ranty 

Software industry fantasy 


Actually why am I fussing about documentation at all? The real question is not "how can I achieve task X in software Y?", it's "why am I not living in a yurt raising sheep?"

I'm actually glad I watched that. Though it is bad and dishonest in some really important ways, the secondary reporting had made it sound like it proposes concentration camps for homeless people addicted to drugs, and it does not in fact go to that level of evil. I felt that I had to know because it seems to be getting traction in local politics. Perhaps tomorrow I'll write something more coherent about it - for now I'm a bit drink from the amount of whisky I needed just to cope with its tone.

Well, gods help me, I've poured myself a large whisky and I'm going to watch the homelessness "documentary" everyone's upset about. If it's half as bad as the first few minutes made it look, I'll need this drink.

(Yep, this is going to be my whole feed, today, and I'm lovato* about it)

I'm an immigrant going through a miserable naturalization process. Today is my birthday, and I'd like everyone to donate $5 to RAICES to help those who are having a much harder time than me:

Anyone who sends me a screenshot of a donation receipt by midnight EDT today (3/27) gets a personalized 10-song playlist on their streaming platform of choice.

I was/am a professional DJ.

*sorry not sorry

I forgot to share these two ladybugs I found snuggling in my juniper tree. t h e y a r e t e l l i n g s e c r e t s

These keep popping up each year in the front yard. They鈥檙e like the greatest weeds ever

Some people who are dear to me need help with medical expenses, because this is how we do things in the USA:

Taiji has helped me a lot in a lot of ways, and they are the ones who brought it to me.

They have created a really wonderful community in Seattle through taiji and qi gong. If my partner or I don't come to one of our regular classes, people there ask about us. We take care of each other.

If you can spare any money, can you throw in a little? Anything helps.

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