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Abolishing daylight savings is just reformism. What we really need is to be able to worry about metaphysics.

It's apprentice hunt time yet again! Are you, or someone you know (in the Seattle area), interested in learning web development? My current apprentice is graduating, so it’s time to find the next initiate. Please help spread the word!

How do you follow users on other instances from Pixelfed?

I forgot to share these two ladybugs I found snuggling in my juniper tree. t h e y a r e t e l l i n g s e c r e t s

These keep popping up each year in the front yard. They’re like the greatest weeds ever

Patreon News (-) 

Some people who are dear to me need help with medical expenses, because this is how we do things in the USA:

Taiji has helped me a lot in a lot of ways, and they are the ones who brought it to me.

They have created a really wonderful community in Seattle through taiji and qi gong. If my partner or I don't come to one of our regular classes, people there ask about us. We take care of each other.

If you can spare any money, can you throw in a little? Anything helps.

And yes, it is horrible and infuriating that they have to do this. The injury and its fallout were bad enough, but at least those were unavoidable. This fundraising--as familiar as these sorts of campaign now are--would never be necessary if we had a decent system for providing medical care. But here we are.

Last year, my taiji teacher's partner had an injury which left him in intense pain, unable to walk for some months, and in a probably years-long recovery process. He's making good progress these days, but the expenses are overwhelming them and now they're asking for help:

If you can afford to donate, please do. These are 2 people who've made a huge difference in my life, and continue to share their gifts with a broad community even in the face of this.

I'm having one of those days when I keep trying to do visually interesting things with data and they keep being way less readable than the boring old classics. Then I switched this chart to simple bars, and it told me how it really feels.

If you record a Zoom meeting you also get auto transcripts, and frankly they sound like these _ebooks accounts. Here's a bit from someone particularly soft spoken: "Yeah, you know, in my my feelings have been more terms, I believe the ladder where there's, you know, each stage has very discreet versions and and which are then traceable back to, you know, to the extent that we're open sourcing everything we're doing" --I swear he was talking sense in the meeting.

This is also one of those songs that's hard for me not obnoxiously sing along to when I have it in my headphones in a public place.

I've always felt kind of meh about The Grateful Dead, as both performers and songwriters. Somehow neither loving nor hating them feels like a character flaw. But I _adore_ Norma Waterson's cover of Black Muddy River: [the rest of the album is great too, but this is the song on it that can get stuck in my head from hearing 5 seconds of someone else's version of the song, and one of those earworms I'm always happy to have]

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