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Hello! I'm Elly, new both to Mastodon and to this space. I'm probably going to be posting mostly about mental health (especially eating disorder recovery), spirituality, and "work stuff" (both programming and people management).

I'm mostly extroverted and really enjoy meeting strangers so please do not hesitate to get in touch!

Lent is over! I succeeded at not playing video games the entire time :D in the extra time I gained I took up running and have also read like 8 books, but now I'm very glad to be back to video games :)

TIL: mergesort(3) is a noop if the width you pass is < sizeof(void*) / 2

woo, project euler #51 done! this one took me more than an hour of thinking but it felt very good indeed to get it :)

Congratulations, the answer you gave to problem 50 is correct.

You are the 54828th person to have solved this problem.

Nice work, Elly, you've just advanced to Level 2 .
47995 members (5.33%) have made it this far.


one wouldn't think dogs would be able to help do the dishes, and yet despite that, flurry manages to not help at all

a plus of doing project euler problems: they feel awesome to solve

a minus of doing project euler problems: going on the forums and seeing "I did the obvious reduction to a far easier problem so here's my 3-line python solution that takes 15ms"

good stuff today:
* figured out a hard bug at work
* one of my coworkers brought in a pear tart they made and it was delicious
* dinner date with @beta
* got a second one of my favorite hoodie in a new color
* wandered aimlessly around Manhattan for half an hour photographing graffiti and stickers
* met a new coworker!

bad stuff today:
* no deliberate physical exercise (did hit my step goal though)
* got sucked into a dumb argument at work
* didn't get any reading done

good stuff today:
* got to demo a work technique for some other work folks
* hit my step goal
* date night with @caravel
* surprise breakfast with @lizzes
* read a book (Sum by David Eagleman)
* very little food anxiety
* wrote on dreamwidth
* did a couple of euler problems

bad stuff today:
* brain-frazzled after work
* kind of socialed out
* uninspired with the current book I have in progress but too stubborn to abandon it
* missing university friends

y'all ever read a book and have it just completely mess you up for a bit


awwww yis, excellent first date with a prospective new partner :)

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what is the "analogue loophole"? why do people say that removing the headphone jack would allow companies to restrict your ability to listen to music? (long, serious) 

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actually stores unecessary resource fork garbage in __MACOSX like a pigeon sitting on rome

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