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Queer space art nonsense 

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Maybe I'm giving a last minute lightning talk on creative coding?? At the request of 's MC.

Time to over-engineer a talk that's supposed to be minimally-prepared-for because that's the only way my brain can get me through it.

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I believe I have successfully updated Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs for the Mastodon crowd. I am submitting this paper to Psychological Bulletin

I'm in Dayton, Ohio, for this year's Rust Belt Rust conference, just doing regular business trip things, like:

* getting my laptop all set up with the latest versions of Rust :ferris_party:

* taking pouty selfies in the bathroom vanity :ferris_smile:

* shitposting on social media till my nail polish dries and I can sleep :ferris_question:

* warily eyeing the "No guns allowed" signs on all the storefront windows, wondering where the marauding hoards of raiders will strike from :unsafe_ferris:

seeking medical advice 

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A quote i really really love 

I misread the "be gay do crime" graffiti in the bathroom at Bluestockings (a radical bookstore in Manhattan) as "be gay doctrine". And as the basis of international government policy I think it's got a lot of potential. :gaysper:

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tired: having crushes
wired: having squishes

There was this one girl of like 10 or 12 wearing a skeleton costume in a parade last night, but she also wore around her neck a string of (what looked like) bamboo tubes, so whenever she moved she made that marimba-like "cartoon skeleton" sound effects. Anyway, it was cool and you should have been there.

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"Die Neuen Strahlen" ("The New Rays"), illustration from an article about the discovery of X-rays, Jugend, 1896.

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this software is free (as in trash) and provided as-is (as trash)

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I love trees, they are beautiful, with their organic, perfect shapes.
#art #ink #tree #nature


They crowned a king and queen, and someone intermittently role played the stodgy chaperone, keeping everyone from dancing *too* close (she had a ruler just to be sure).

Just look at this rad heckin bunch, particularly the singer who I did not summon the courage to flirt with. They're The Skates, which I don't know if it refers to the shoe or the fish.

In recognition of halloween, they crooned Zombie and Spiderwebs and what they described as a knock-off Monster Mash (which was better than the Monster Mash anyway, so nyah). I have video, but it's bigger than 40MB so welp. :flan_shrug:


To clarify, one of my best friends threw a party for *their* friend, who, having grown up in Ireland together, missed out on the American Teen Prom that they heard about through exported young-adult media.

They had balloons, punch, a band stage, and a photo booth. (That mural is the photo backdrop!)

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