wait WAIT wait wait, hooooold up:

In the universe, is food accurately sized (as in a large acorn is the size of a mouse's head) or is food scaled down as a part of anthropomorphizing each animal?

@esbe ok now i’m also very curious because i distinctly remember in the first book that they had a trout (or another big fish) at a feast only because they had constance the badger to get it? however i also have the redwall cookbook and i don’t think anything in there indicates that food is accurately sized

@esbe looking at the redwall wikipedia does not seem to answer the food question specifically, but generally everything else is scaled down and anthropomorphized! it’s not true in the first book, because the wagons are person-sized and there are villages and whatnot, but brian jacques made all the animals roughly the same size and less accurate in the rest of the series

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