The more I look at this test document, the more it looks like an incomprehensible shitpost. (i'm hard at work making Art over here)

I'm not sure this is the look I want, but it's what came out this evening.

A work in progress: I'm digitizing a sketch I did during a group art night a few weeks ago. I'm going to continue both the physical copy and the digital one, but I don't yet know what direction I'll take each in.

"This is a bad place. Something... something happened here."
"I can feel it."

Selfie, alcohol 

Explore & More (the Ralph C. Wilson Jr. Children's Museum of Buffalo, NY) says Ace people are valid. :heart_ace:

We'll wait here until the frost bridge appears at dusk, then the path to the frozen cave behind the waterfall will open.


Mirror selfie :boost_ok: 

I meant to give light trapping a shot this past summer -- to catch ya know? -- but I never found the time or the equipment to do it. I got this worksheet at a nature educators' retreat last year.

Perhaps someone can get more use out of it than me. Hopefully next year I'll make it happen. 🐞

@OCRbot if you please πŸ’š

I finished and mounted the first I've ever made as an adult. It's a mashup of a topographical hiking map of Sharpe Reservation in Fishkill, NY, and an issue of Smoke Signals with art by Tetsunori Tawaraya.

This was super fun to do, and I'd like to do more.

It's almost winter in my assigned hemisphere, so time to make Nana's .

At one point I secreted away this in an area I wrote for a MUD, but it's time to share out in the open.

(transcript in link)

Selfie, staring you down 

Selfie two-for-one 

Halfway through our crossing, we were beset by rough seas

Throwing your nature educators' conference on Halloween is a kind of mood

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