Can't believe I waited this long to try using a top coat. So shiny. :_gaysparkle:

Okay okay, I think we got it. Sorry for any planetary orbits that may have been engulfed by their stars.

The star math, if you're interested, is roughly to multiply a star's color by its magnitude (itself on an exponential scale), then decrease brightness with a falloff of 1/(distance^3). The dot will have a solid white center (where color is boosted higher than the normalized 0-1 range) and then taper off.

I need to tweak the math to make apparent size between stars less pronounced.

Performing for the first time as Laser Bees at Abstractions @mcmoots

Oh hi, didn't notice you there. Just some leisurely hacking on the train to Pittsburgh. :trainsgender:

Kinect selfies, partial nudity, obscured by video effects 

More street art.

(, I'm chameleon in a hoodie with a flaming aura)

Hostile architecture 

Family portraits 

More wholesome street art. In triptych format, no less.

Street art for the transmasc crowd, Manhattan, 7th St and Ave 1. Taken last week, if I remember correctly.

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