Halfway through our crossing, we were beset by rough seas

Throwing your nature educators' conference on Halloween is a kind of mood

Just look at this rad heckin bunch, particularly the singer who I did not summon the courage to flirt with. They're The Skates, which I don't know if it refers to the shoe or the fish.

In recognition of halloween, they crooned Zombie and Spiderwebs and what they described as a knock-off Monster Mash (which was better than the Monster Mash anyway, so nyah). I have video, but it's bigger than 40MB so welp. :flan_shrug:


To clarify, one of my best friends threw a party for *their* friend, who, having grown up in Ireland together, missed out on the American Teen Prom that they heard about through exported young-adult media.

They had balloons, punch, a band stage, and a photo booth. (That mural is the photo backdrop!)

Postcards! I'm the ruler of Fort WIP. Look at those cats! :blobcatheart: And a card with a thank you note written to me on the back (not pictured). Anyway, super radddddddd :cat_joy_ms:

I meant to post this a while ago. I bought this really lovely foil stamped print from srtam.com and not only was it super good, but the artist sent me a care package along with it! (see next toot)

Queer run business (?) 

Can't believe I waited this long to try using a top coat. So shiny. :_gaysparkle:

Okay okay, I think we got it. Sorry for any planetary orbits that may have been engulfed by their stars.

The star math, if you're interested, is roughly to multiply a star's color by its magnitude (itself on an exponential scale), then decrease brightness with a falloff of 1/(distance^3). The dot will have a solid white center (where color is boosted higher than the normalized 0-1 range) and then taper off.

I need to tweak the math to make apparent size between stars less pronounced.

Performing for the first time as Laser Bees at Abstractions @mcmoots

Oh hi, didn't notice you there. Just some leisurely hacking on the train to Pittsburgh. :trainsgender:

Kinect selfies, partial nudity, obscured by video effects 

More street art.

(, I'm chameleon in a hoodie with a flaming aura)

Hostile architecture 

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