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So! I published a little build log for my night sky interactive. :crt_w_green_lines: As I mention in the post, I'm not even sure who my audience is, but if someone finds it interesting I'd like to know.

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broke: angry lesbian
woke: sapph ire


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Leaked photo of NASA taking the sun down for maintenance

Neighborhood guitar rando is so *desperately* improvising to try to conceal the fact that they're actually trying to master the Tennessee Jed riff.

My good dudx, don't be ashamed of your love. Play it loud and true.

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queer poc spaces being relegated to bars and clubs feels a lot like keeping us deliberately bathed in a dirty light that makes it so much easier to dismiss us as inherently sexually deviant and not permissible for wholesome day time activities vs just normal ass humans that want to exist in peace, reading or taking cooking classes or having coffee with friends without worrying about being clocked

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The gender of the day is a lacy beanie covered in pins.

@popstar Oh, that looks lovely. The :genderqueer_flag: cake honestly looks like something out of my hometown diner. I think I need it.

Meanwhile, on the same note, my favorite pin for the past year has been trans ice cream.

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Holding yourself to the expectation that stuff you make needs to be Good to be worthwhile is the biggest impediment for trying new things. Especially if your standard of "good" is literal professionals.


@savagegoose What was their response when they were confronted with the facts of the case?

Because following the verdict there was a *really effective* misinformation campaign to make it "common knowledge" that it was a frivolous lawsuit.

I mean, I grew up believing that, till I actually learned the details, then it became so plainly obvious.

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Indya Moore, on the red carpet accepting an award for best cover for Elle Magazine.

Their earrings have the photos of the sixteen black trans women that have been murdered this year, carrying a photo of the seventeenth and most recently known at the time of the event.

We are currently (at time of redraft) at nineteen.

@zkat I won't lie: the biggest impact my vertical monitor has had on my work is vastly expanding the set of images that are suitable to use as desktop wallpapers.

@ox that's the one I made, glad you like it :)

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me: an old game console is a portal into a labyrinth of half-forgotten pasts, a bridge to one's former life in all its sweetness and regret. a place, real yet unreal, lost in the immensity of time.
a gamer: i enjoyed purchasing this product and storing it in my home. i still store, and proudly display, this product in my home.

Can't believe I waited this long to try using a top coat. So shiny. :_gaysparkle:

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