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Food recipe request 

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Oh look another question, is it annoying when text is put on a new line
Like instead of ending with a full stop
Like I'm doing now?

Questions for the trans folx who have changed their names 

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feel your fucking feelings

don’t let anybody tell you different

Selfie two-for-one 

computers whine 

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presentation goals - to appear so queer that when people see me they begin to question their own sexuality, gender identity, religious beliefs and the fundamental nature of reality

@Eden I donate to every one I see, as long as I see it on a device that has a saved payment platform login (i.e. not my phone).

I used to only donate to [certain criteria] causes, then I decided to just lower the usual amt of money I gave each time so I could afford to not bother choosing.

In a hypothetical world without the keyword `red`, what is your go-to debugging color?

Mine is now and forever `cornflowerblue`

I realize it's generally accepted that NYC's autumn was roughly two weekends ago and lasted for 4 days, but today my park finally smells like fallen leaves so now it's Fall for me.

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Half-Life 2 turns 15 today. Aphex Twin's Selected Ambient Works Volume II turned 25 this year. I made a chill ambient/tourism mod that combines them.
First release = first track, more later. Details on the mod's @itchio page.


Playing into the strengths of the GoldSrc engine, heavy emphasis is placed on the sounds of shuffling papers, soft lighting, and musty atmosphere. Behind you, your pet headcrab coos contentedly. The perfect balm for the anxious Millenial contemplating their place in the world.

5 stars, a masterpiece


Finally, lazy-day.bsp:

This free-form single player level sees you sitting at your desk in a crate-filled attic, subverting Half-Life's manic fever dream of crowbar-on-crate antagonism by tasking you to carefully pry open each lid to sort through their contents: old photos, childhood drawings, and your grandparents' letters.


The juxtaposition of gritty, crumbling, alien-infested Los Angeles, with the buoyent, definitely-a-former-slaveowner Colonel Sanders speaks to either a clueless or cynical design process. Uninspired gameplay is barely worth mentioning. The map's solitary application of branding whimsy recasts the shrink ray as a chicken ray and saves this otherwise dull map from 1-star infamy.

2 stars

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