The more I look at this test document, the more it looks like an incomprehensible shitpost. (i'm hard at work making Art over here)

rampant speculation 

@alx interesting, `role="img"` hadn't crossed my mind

friends: what's the current state of the art for applying accessible alt text to text itself?

I.e. alt text for zalgo text, text that uses Unicode letter variants, emoji-heavy text, etc.

I'm aware of the technique of applying `aria-hidden="true"` to the problem text, then applying "screenreader" CSS styles to the accessible version, but in the interest of making my content portable I'd like a way that didn't rely on CSS from my own website.


@QuietMisdreavus I don't know masto's exact stack, but rails will generate its own logs, and there's probably a reverse proxy like nginx generating both an access log and an error log too

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is there some kind of quick-reference document for good things to do periodically when maintaining a mastodon server? things i should keep in mind if i want to kick the server for system updates or the like?

i want to make sure that i don’t mess up the server too much due to inaction >_>;;

@QuietMisdreavus I don't know if the standard maso setup includes it, but **log rotation** is always overlooked when you admin your 1st server

I'm not sure this is the look I want, but it's what came out this evening.

cooking at high altitudes 

A work in progress: I'm digitizing a sketch I did during a group art night a few weeks ago. I'm going to continue both the physical copy and the digital one, but I don't yet know what direction I'll take each in.

@steve Amberlough by Lara Elena Donnelly, which is tense, queer, oozing with character, perhaps nightmare inducing depending on your personal proximity to a fascist coup, and gorgeous to read.

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Thinking about calling Bootlickers copsuckers

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"This is a bad place. Something... something happened here."
"I can feel it."

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