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salud mental y física, negativo pero es un chiste 

I found them!
Thanks to everyone who boosted. 😁

A friend of mine asks what another is watching; he says it's a video of a baby elephant playing with a dog.
Her: "so cuwute!!'

Who's the person who posted "fantasy is just speculative philosophy"? I want to thank them for inspiring my approach to the fantasy story that I recently started writing. :boost_ok:

joke, death mention 


re: lewd shitpost 


Maybe it's like "interactuar" ("interact"), except that "engage" doesn't just mean an interaction but some kind of commitment or genuine interest. Like when one says that somebody isn't really engaging with somebody else's argument. (Native English speakers tell me if I'm characterizing it wrong!)

"Engage" is such a weird word. I still don't know how to translate it into Spanish. It just means everything it could mean all at once, and so it seems to mean nothing.

Escrita, publicada, fijada, ¡Se aprecian comentarios!

Nueva entrada de blog: "Hablar de dinero", sobre el mito del éxito y la desesperanza.

coming out to the street as a pedestrian

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