After years of playing Animal Crossing: Wild World, I just found out that if you tap on an animal when they're a few squares away from you, they'll smile and wave at you, or they'll bow!

Is there such a thing as part-time jobs that offer benefits like health insurance and/or 401(k)? If so, what jobs offer those?

I've heard the answer to this is simply "No, only full-time jobs do that, and only because they're required to," but further inquiry is worth a try.

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@austin I curate my follows. If you send a follow request, but you have 0 toots, a blank profile, & I'm not confident I recognize you from elsewhere by your name/icon alone, & you haven't sent a message to introduce yourself, then I'm not accepting your follow, stranger. @austin

pronouns (~) 

important resume writing tip for anyone searching for a job 

From your experience, what's your advice for amicably quitting a job?

Spoilers for Steven Universe episode "Familiar"; gross 

In general if anyone else has any articles off hand about NB identities that fall in the realm of having to do with identifying as some form of nonhuman, I'd love to take a read! I'm not well-versed in furry community and such on sites outside of tumblr, so trying to find these sorts of things is hard for me.

My Amish great-grandmother: You must never laugh at an animal.

Me, watching cat videos on my smartphone, crying with laughter: I am a sinner

Animal Crossing: Wild World question 

Robin Hood (1955 TV series, it's on Amazon Prime) was written by blacklisted leftists, which explains why the writing's so intense, and also explains the part where Friar Tuck is helping a physician treat an outlaw, and turns toward the camera and says sternly, "Everyone has the right to healthcare!"

my pronouns 

Hey we've experimented with naming our class that's aimed at anyone who's felt alienated from traditional bike shops on the basis of gender dynamics/macho culture the "women+gender non-conforming" group, someone else likes WTF for Women Trans* and Feminine people, or the "no dudes" class, there are a few other options but no clear winner...

It started out as a "Women's" bike class, but we wanted to explicitly welcome trans women and nb people who want that deliberately curated space, especially when learning the basics.

What title makes you explicitly feel invited? What title makes you unsure or unwelcome?

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