FUCK trans people are so fucking BEAUTIFUL

Rant - The Deception of Fascism (How it lures people in) 

Nazi apologist in my mentions 

inflatable friends using a pillow fort are technically using it and a part of it at the same time

Okay, so here's what I've learnt:

- Never use NetworkManager with OpenVPN terminal.
- Never trust techbros to get package versions right, reinstall the keyrings, if you have to.
- For auto-mounting user disks, udisks2, udiskie and ntfs-3g are a good bet.

Well, the more I learn, I needed udisks2, udiskie and ntfs-3g to make it work!

fedichive, all known IPs 

“If one day someone finds a less than woke post I made am I going to be cancelled 🥺??”

If by “less than woke” you mean a pattern of abusive behavior towards Blk/PoC and by “cancelled” you mean called to account. Then yes, yes you probably will. Glad we got that cleared up so y’all can stop asking.

Important to note that Twitter is banned in China, so these targeted ads are for the rest of the world to have their opinion swayed.

Oh yeah, avoid using NetworkManager if you're using OpenVPN for whatever reason. It tends to muck up openresolv.

So now I have artix back up, with no thanks to techbros completely missing the point of package versions, and I have steam up too.

Good start so far...

*slamming the table* bring them back! bring them back! bring them back!

Well, that was a headache, mostly because of techbros assuming they can do no wrong. Oh..

Anyway, now I'm here, and..good lord, what happened here?

In truth, I might have some..odd ideas for ERPG campaigns.

Long Meta, Instances to Check Out 

for the record: I'm white.

not that most white people care, given how poor and multiply-disabled I am.

@Caelyn White culture is a culture only in the same way a bacteria culture is a culture.

It's viral, spreads across the surface of whatever it infects, and a vaccine should really be made for it.

@Caelyn I'm busy fighting off fash on the celtic front. White culture is anathema to us as well, as suffocating and assmilating as it is.

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