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The "Me, a Known Autism" pin was made by Fabulous Fidgets on Etsy and it's my newest pin. I'm really excited to have it!

abelism, autism, body language 

(graphic, could be triggering) pathologizing, eugenics, ABA, ableism, abuse 

birdsite, uspol 

pedantry is bad, "PIN number" is good 

medical fundraiser for my sister's cancer treatment 

(ABA, abuse, murder of autistic youth) Super extra bonus points information for your fun-filled times 

From finding a voice to being understood: exploring the double empathy problem 

From finding a voice to being understood: exploring the double empathy problem 

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Due to an influx of weird MRA spam across the fediverse, we now require new accounts to be approved by an admin. If you think your account has been unfairly mangled by the approval queue please ping one of the mods (me, @vector, @dzuk, @eldang, @distel, @mykola, @twistylittlepassages ).

We'll switch back to open registration when the spam dies down, if we remember.

Thoughts from an 'ally' to 'allies' 

good time to remind everyone that kazooie is a trans lesbian and my girlfriend

Cryptocurrency shitpost 

In case you wondered whether I only became on my bullshit when I joined Mastodon, this is from three years ago

Hi friends! I've not been around too much lately, sorry about that - but I wanted to share a twitter thread I wrote about autism that's going a little bit viral. This is all the stuff I wish I had known when I was a kid - learning it saved me, and if it helps any of you I'll be so happy.

reasons why I think my lack of social skills was itself a social skill while i was in school:

if people weren't bluntly insulting me, sealioning me, or getting physically violent, i frequently didn't realize that they were being assholes toward me.

so my emotional state was unaffected and i came across as nonchalantly and confidently telling them to fuck off all the time. 👌

me at midnight: i definitely took my night medicines

me at 4 a.m.: no i didn't :think_disappointed:

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