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The "Me, a Known Autism" pin was made by Fabulous Fidgets on Etsy and it's my newest pin. I'm really excited to have it!


Hi friends! I've not been around too much lately, sorry about that - but I wanted to share a twitter thread I wrote about autism that's going a little bit viral. This is all the stuff I wish I had known when I was a kid - learning it saved me, and if it helps any of you I'll be so happy.


reasons why I think my lack of social skills was itself a social skill while i was in school:

if people weren't bluntly insulting me, sealioning me, or getting physically violent, i frequently didn't realize that they were being assholes toward me.

so my emotional state was unaffected and i came across as nonchalantly and confidently telling them to fuck off all the time. 👌

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me at midnight: i definitely took my night medicines

me at 4 a.m.: no i didn't :think_disappointed:

Gamers are not cancelled anymore. In fact, gamers just got renewed. Congrats, gamers!

hey, the blood moon is cool

but you know what would be more cool?

two blood moons. thats right, i propose we split the moon in half so that more cool space events happen. not because it is easy, but because it will look sick as hell

So, uh, it turns out there's no medical reason at all for people who menstruate to stop taking oral contraceptives 7 days out of every 28.

Apparently the guy who invented the things thought the Pope would be more likely to approve if the pills included a "window" to match the body's "natural flow". (Hint: he still didn't approve.)


the blood moon rises once again. be careful, link!

Went out to see the beginning of Super Wolf Blood Moon II Turbo Hyper Fighting Edition. Only about 10% occluded so far but it's neat to see. #LunarEclipse

i can see the moon clearly out of a window in my house 🎉

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it was a very good thing for me to come to the understanding of love not as an emotion but as a deep and continuing commitment to assisting another person realize their life's purpose. the desire to choose persons in this way over and over is different from an emotion. emotions are outside of conscious control, and I'm unaware of mine, but i consciously choose these commitments again and again.

coming to understand that i have a gigantic block between my emotions and my cognitions has made so much of my past struggles with therapists and fellow humans make sense.

i am literally unaware of my emotions unless they are "literally sobbing," "seething rage," "unbridled joy," "paralyzing boredom" or "panic attack." which means that most of the time I'm not aware of my emotions at all.

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i love that mixed in with the dozens of countries gained their Independence in the last 100 years is San Marino 🇸🇲 which became independent in 301 AD from the Roman Empire

me: I'm just glad I finally have a word for it - "parasocial friendship." It's weird to feel like you know someone, like you *really* know someone, and to feel like they should know you too, and then to realize they wouldn't recognize you on the street. It's really just you taking what pieces they give you about themselves, then filling in the rest with your own personality Jurassic Park style to make a really fleshed-out imaginary friend.

Twitch streamer: haha yeah that's a long comment