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some really messed up stuff be warned 

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Hi all - my name is kendall (she/her), I'm a 22yo programmer who's fairly into music (synths, jazz, prog, funk, anything with interesting melody or sonic texture) and anime. I have an ms20 and a few software synths I like to play. I'm trans and pan and when I'm comfortable oscillate between sardonic and upbeat on a pretty regular basis but I'm fairly avoidant and have a hard time navigating through social spaces so if I don't know you well I'll just be quiet and polite πŸ™‚

i didnt know rat kings were an actual thing until the other day and never before have i felt so seen

@hundredsofdeadrats i keep draining and they keep making, my house is flooding, my family is drowning,

this is now the account i will use when im hiding from my own mug

the weirdest thing ever is waking up to a notification from the ello account i made in like high school with one post that i didn't even remember i had

gonna have to cw that whole account though it's a mess

thinking im going to start mostly keeping my shirtposting to @cawcawclack and use this account as a nice lukewarm cup of tea for when im feeling stressed out

masking behaviors(+) 

masking behaviors(~) 

it's like i hopped down to a different valence shell i love it puts me in a completely different headspace im just s o c a l m

The case for replacing confederate monuments with bad triceratops statues (with illustrations).

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