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Hi all - my name is kendall (she/her), I'm a 22yo programmer who's fairly into music (synths, jazz, prog, funk, anything with interesting melody or sonic texture) and anime. I have an ms20 and a few software synths I like to play. I'm trans and pan and when I'm comfortable oscillate between sardonic and upbeat on a pretty regular basis but I'm fairly avoidant and have a hard time navigating through social spaces so if I don't know you well I'll just be quiet and polite ๐Ÿ™‚

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my favorite bit of the new aladdin is the part where they included the musical numbers but nobody actually knew how to sing them

hmmm everyone was so excited for end game but i watched all of aladdin without falling sleep so im gonna have to say that's the better movie

in those ten minutes i think i there were at least six spoilers

i watched about ten minutes of endgame and then i fell asleep

starring after i write a reply so nobody knows i spend hours writing things like "im a bu jet"

oh dangh even better, it's a double feature with the new aladdin

Thr only reason we need transhumanism is so i can make dial up noises irl

about to watch endgame at a drive in with only the first avengers as context, wish me luck

lisa frank and ed harvey are the same person and you can't convince me otherwise

i have awakened to the power of the boost

i never realized how much of my timeline is @garfiald boosting everyone

be sure to moisturize your toadstools so they don't dry out otherwise you'll turn into a crustacean come wintertime

shelf mushrooms but they're human hands

gotta clean my apartment, never no when the finger spores are gonna sprout

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is this what happens to all the kappa zombies

what to do when the instance your friend is on gets suspended but you can't really argue with the reasoning

my infant ears were never meant to hear these words