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if you experience a collapse in local euclidian geometry, dial 1-800-MC-ESCHR

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Agile basically is a hyper-localized (i.e. on the order of a dozen people in a single corner of some division of a company) instance of workers controlling the means if production. Businesses ostensibly love it. And it's explained in language that has virtually no connection to the historical lexicon of labor movements or socialism. Makes me wonder if there's an opportunity here.

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libertarians are just conservatives that like weed

You hear that, kids? That's the sound of failure, which in this case sounds a lot like a bow string breaking.

When my little brother dabbled in blacksmithing, one guiding maxim of his was "anything can be made better by putting a chain on it."

When your calipers keep wandering off your desk and into your coworker's hands, it might be something to heed in engineering too.

dude: hey wat do u fantasize about
Kate: Lesbians.
dude o hawt wat r they doin
Kate: Living happily ever after.


To be fair, he is... vaguely hunk-ish.

I dunno. Needs messier hair and more haunted, vulnerable eyes. Elves are just so stereotypically intense.

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Am I this tired because I ate something with a bunch of cream in it? Hmmm.

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Universal Card Game Scorer


Needs a little modification, but I see some applications for #DnD games...

(watching The Dragon Prince with the folks)

(Runaan is captured by the late king's guard)

Claudia: He's more useful to us alive. Bind him.
Mom: ... and take him to my room <3
Me: wha- mom! This is a Christian fantasy epic!

(sorting out laundry)

Socks... shirt... pants... insanely stretchy underwear... wait, what?

What is this even made of... (squints at label) 85% polyamide? Like the stuff Foxhound uses for its sneaking suits?

Man, Big Boss and his sons have some kinky tastes.

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Someone brought sidewalk chalk to the downtown square, so I drew Rayquaza

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the loss of Google+ is an opportunity to reflect on how little of the internet is ever deleted

after a moment's pause, I quietly search the username of my old teenage goth poetry account, a name so distinctively embarrassing that nobody else could possibly have thought of it. Perhaps, at last, it too has become lost to time.

to find that someone else has lifted it wholesale and is using it on a super smash brothers forum

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I also dreamed about playing Pokemon go... Maybe I should cut back a bit xD

Kiddo 02: (screams during diaper change)
Dad: Now I'll ask again, princess: Where is the Rebel base?

Pi Day? More like Tried Day.

Well, insurance industry, you went and made my wife cry in utter frustration. I hope you're happy.

A coworker was looking over some flight plans and realized he was booked to fly a 737 MAX8.

"Maybe I'll be driving to Las Vegas instead."