My phone has a hairline crack that wasn't there last night. Doesn't get much more Monday than that.

@jimtron That sucks. Hopefully Mondays gets better for you!

@ShanShen On the other hand, it's also the first time I ever cracked a smartphone.

I guess this goes to show you should always always ALWAYS entomb your phone in several millimeters of padding.

@jimtron I have butterfingers. I totally agree. And even "cheap" phones are expensive!

@ShanShen I've just been informed that Kiddo 01 got a hold of my phone at some point, ran through the house, tripped, and sent the thing flying.

Even worse is this was an S6 Active, which is supposed to be toddler-proof.

@jimtron That's supposed to have Gorilla Glass! Not enough protection against lil' monkeys, I guess!

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