"I won't lie. It doesn't look good."

"...okay, here's the plan. There should be a fire escape down the hall. Try and use it to flank them while I keep them busy. But you NEED to be fast if this is going to work; they'll try and exploit my reload window."

"And if you hear the shooting stop... just run. Get out of here."

"Got it? Good, we'll go on the count of three. 1... 2..."

Okay, I think I'm prepared in case I need to help some GROWN ASS ADULTS with FULL-TIME JOBS to get rid of a harmless spider.

Holy cow, this filament grab bag. Is it just me or is it prideful in here?

I saw a kid running an RC car around the baseball field at school the other day.

Man, radio controlled toys... that's a hobby I could get dangerously into.

dude: hey wat do u fantasize about
Kate: Lesbians.
dude o hawt wat r they doin
Kate: Living happily ever after.


Progress on the bookshelf alleyway diorama... I really needed this today.

I wonder if I should paint this old puzzle. It can be a little tricky to solve, and it's starting to feel a little plain.

During yesterday's visit with Grandma, Kiddo 01 started stamping his new dinosaur toy some pastry dough she rolled out.

"Hey, we should do that for the sugar cookies we're making later."

Also, they taste really vanilla and almonds.

I think I'm a bit hyped for Death Stranding. Maybe too hyped.

Made my own recreation of the damage sensor tape since the Kojima Industries store seems to have run out.

If you want to make your own, you'll need a printer that can handle 11x17 paper in color. Copy and paste into Word, scale to 2in wide, and you should be able to get four or five strips.

Something wicked this way comes... thinking of old Armored Core pals.

She who hunts monsters... best arm herself to the teeth.

-Juno-Eight, Juno-Eight, Charlie-One.-

"This is J8. Go ahead, C1, go ahead."

-Where you at?-

"Passing what's left of Relay B2. Peninsula's broken up and drifting out to sea. Drone's coming back with pictures of the fragments and I just hopped a giant crack in the ice."

-That bad, huh? Well, drop a marker if you haven't yet and come home. Recovery ships'll get there when they get there if there's anything to salvage.-

"Fingers crossed."

Late night dispatch. The ground under Plover's Shelf is sinking rapidly, and we might see a total calving within twenty-four hours. So Central is asking any available ultra-haul vehicles to assist in the evacuation.

That, of course, annihilates any plans made by the crew of 81 Intrepid Scout. There's gonna be a lot of extra-belated birthdays...

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