...Kiddo 01 is late today because of one lane merge? Like not merging into one lane, but there's just one lane everyone has to get out of?

Y'all need to go back to driving school. And maybe reconsider your aptitude with sharp objects.

being careful about cultural appropriation 

Just wanted to double-check before I do something dumb:

Tempted to try some face paint on Halloween. I'm thinking half black with a white wireframe skull. I dunno, been thinking of ways a skull could be a positive symbol, like "under the skin, we're all the same" kind of thing.

Problem is that feels too close to misappropriating Dia de los Muertos, and I don't want to do that. Am I wrong here or am I worrying too much?

Reminder abt climate change 

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Man, what a long day it's been.

... It's only WHAT o'clock?

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Little town generator is cutening up, happier and happier with the results it's producing


Well, I don't think I've ever tried opening new phone tabs for later reference in a dream before.

And considering that tonight's pick from Dreamland Rentals was "Random Body Horror, vol.5" I guess I'm glad I didn't actually save anything.

Hey, I wonder if I can print things for Kiddo 01's farm toys. Let's search for "3D print little people fisher price" and see what we WHY AM I GETTING AHEGAO SHIRTS

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Don't remember what set me off, something about what Millennial are killing today. But I thought "If Boomers don't want me, then why did they make me??"

Then I imagined myself in Armitage's hotpants and felt too awkward to think about it any more.

Alright, let's have our first Frappuccino in a long... hrm. This is what 25g of sugar tastes like? You really need a whole Cadbury Egg to taste this meh?

Y'all think you're Speed Racer, but you drive more like Chim-Chim.

...what if you had a unicorn made of metal or stone that knew martial arts? How would that even work? And am I reading Kill Six Billion Demons too much?

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"I won't lie. It doesn't look good."

"...okay, here's the plan. There should be a fire escape down the hall. Try and use it to flank them while I keep them busy. But you NEED to be fast if this is going to work; they'll try and exploit my reload window."

"And if you hear the shooting stop... just run. Get out of here."

"Got it? Good, we'll go on the count of three. 1... 2..."

I mean, it's a CG technical marvel, of course. That whole movie is; I think Liv's hair needed it's own special program to animate right, and having all the different spider-folk in the same shot was a rendering challenge itself.

But did anyone else think "welp, everything's flying to pieces again"?

@xyzzy I do it occasionally, but mostly for signatures or something ironic like "go f*ck yourself." Outside of that kind of thing, I can't remember the last time I did.

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