Okay, I think I'm prepared in case I need to help some GROWN ASS ADULTS with FULL-TIME JOBS to get rid of a harmless spider.

Some days, I just do not get this printer. The same model that SHOULD print fine laying flat fails every time, but seems to be doing okay standing up like a balanced pencil.

Maybe I should take up alchemy instead. More internally consistent, and I have gold to show for my effort.

@freon I thought the proper practice was to use the shift key opposite of which hand you're typing with, i.e. left-shift while typing JKL or right-shift while typing ASDF

While looking up possible ways to keep the squirrels out of the avocado tree, I kind of wonder if it'd be easier to just feed the little bastards. Like, maybe they'll end up too well fed to even climb the tree?

Holy cow, this filament grab bag. Is it just me or is it prideful in here?

@rubah If I'm honest with myself, it's been an unspoken daydream to live in some RPG workshop/atelier. Maybe under an unusually large tree, and maybe with a sound system that plays the Alchemy Pot theme when it detects someone working.

My wife tells me the hummingbirds like my feeders so much, they made a nest in our apple tree.

"I guess this makes you... *shades* ...a sugar daddy."

@rubah I don't know what happened. When I came to, I had three pages full of sketches and notes.

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sometimes @jimtron and I get down a rabbit hole of brainstorming how to make things. Today's product idea was a working magic 8-ball beach ball...

@vector Nice idea, but I was trying to channel Major Kong more than Rick Deckard youtube.com/watch?v=n8qCkVklFW

@ShanShen I've just been informed that Kiddo 01 got a hold of my phone at some point, ran through the house, tripped, and sent the thing flying.

Even worse is this was an S6 Active, which is supposed to be toddler-proof.

"I've been to a drunken LAN party, a family barbeque, and an anime convention, and that's the silliest thing about boobs I've heard shouted in a nearby room."

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On Thursday, Arizona repealed a 1991 law banning teachers from suggesting there are safe ways to have gay sex, or portraying "homosexuality as a positive alternative life-style."

At least 6 other states have curriculum laws around LGBTQ issues.

I've heard some douchebags say having a father carry a baby (especially a daughter) is one of the most emasculating things you can imagine.

A sentiment that's rather cut off at the knees when said father is taking said daughter to the hardware store to buy 10-24 threaded rods for use in a Nerf rifle "not intended for users under age 14."

@ShanShen On the other hand, it's also the first time I ever cracked a smartphone.

I guess this goes to show you should always always ALWAYS entomb your phone in several millimeters of padding.

@dirething Hardly a week goes by without something that makes me, a pasty cishet dumbass, grumble under my breath "fuckin' white people"

My phone has a hairline crack that wasn't there last night. Doesn't get much more Monday than that.

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I don’t know what this is, but I’m going to stand on it!

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