@bcj on a completely unrelated note, since you're here: mastodon is refusing to load posts older than 15 hours in my "Home" feed. Since I'm a few months behind, this is annoying. Do you happen to know a mystical incantation to fix this?

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my nanogenmo poetry book is done- terse poems embedded in dense fields of unicode characters- i'm happy with how it turned out.

the pdf is available here --> ifyoulived.org/never.pdf

I guess I'll post this again in a manner that doesn't just look like I'm talking to a friend, with a hashtag and everything.

I Generated a National Novel on the first day of this Month!


@casey Also, I used the name at the top of your Medium, but pls lmk if you would prefer to be credited a different way!

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@casey My all time favorite that I really wanted to play, until it was canceled before it got off the ground.

brain is currently dwelling an excellent pun which can be deployed only in extremely specific & unlikely circumstances, which, were they to actually come about, I would be almost guaranteed not to hear of.

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@mcmoots this is awesome, thanks. and makes me feel pretty good about my recent (last ~2 yrs) personal focus/yammering on about the importance of strategic diversity.

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This seems like a potentially interesting frame for conflict within social justice type circles: siderea.dreamwidth.org/1452203

(If you like frames that reference competing schools of academic theory anyway.)

if you want to test-solve just lmk and i will send a link


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