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Hi! Switched Instances, so I guess I should introduce myself again.

I'm a genderqueer software tester and parent from Germany and I am into and more.

In my spare time I try to be creative (sewing, drawing, that kind of stuff), but it depends largely on my mental health.

I love talking to/meet new people, but I have a hard time making the first move.

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did you know that you can just pick what gender you are?

theyre just out there waiting for you to pick them up. or to drop off any you dont want and run away and never look back if you rather.

its all good. its all good.

be you. be the best you you can be. you are a good anything you want to be. you can be that.

physics may object but whatevstdve.

am bird now.

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The 2019 #Ace Community Survey is going on! It's open to anyone 13 or older, ace or non-ace. (Also I'm like a month late with this and the survey is only planned to run until November 30th, so get your responses in now!)

Click here to take the survey:

There's an FAQ here:

Please boost! :boost_ok:

#asexual #queer

(I'm not affiliated, but as far as I know there's no official toot to boost so I wrote my own.)

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for real tho, if you ever need any content warnings for a movie, check out

it doesn't just warn for animal death anymore. a ways back it started adding more and more content warnings.

it's gotten to warning for specific kinds of deaths, specific kinds of trauma and abuse, hatecrimes, specific mutilations, addictions, etc.

it's really really helpful for people with any kinds of triggers for stuff like that.

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"Boss makes a dollar
I make a dime
That was a rhyme for a simpler time
Boss makes a billion
I make jack
So that's why I strike to seize the means back"

- forums poster Ice Phisherman

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Debunk of "Why We Sleep":

Very well written, cited, quoted, and argued. Recommend regardless of if you've read the original.

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if people grew wildflowers instead of grass there would be like a highway of biodiversity through the city and everything would be colourful and alive and suited to these hellscape conditions instead of brown and dead and maybe people's backyard scrap heaps would stop catching on fire.

Und wieder in Wien. Mal schauen wie lange dieses hin und her noch anhält

Had a crying child, because they couldn't see me during their performance.

Why couldn't they see me?
Because as a small person İ took a place at the front, (smaller in front of me) but then tall people decided to fight their way in front of me (nearly destroying our lantern) without a chance for me to fight my way back.

Tall people:
You can see over small people
We can not see through you

Signed: A small person who is slightly pissed that this is happening nearly every event

Ich hätte nie gedacht, dass ich meinem Kind Nazis die "ich bin kein Nazi" rufen mit Captain Underpants erklären kann.*

* Captain Underpants erkennt sich wegen einem Schnurrbart nicht selbt im Spiegel.

gnoar, da will ich mich endlich bei Flinkster anmelden, komm zu dieser verifizierungskacke, da "halten sie Reisepass/Perso + Führerschein bereit"
und woran scheitert es?
Ich hab keine aktuelle Meldebescheinigung/Nebenkostenabrechnung!

Das hätte ich gerne vor einem Telefonat gewusst + 15 Minuten debugging warum die Person mich trotz Headset nicht hört 😠

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Looking for a psychotherapist in Aachen, Germany 

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For people looking for an alternative to Facebook events that isn't spammy like evite and the like, I recommend checking out

It requires no login, basically you provide an email address, you get a unique editing URL, you make a nice looking event form, and people can RSVP there. Your event and all related info is deleted from their DB 2 weeks after the event is over.

War auf Arbeit seit um 5, dann direkt Kind abholen und zu einer Halloween Party, jetzt weiter eine Freundin zum Essen ausführen.
Heute Nacht werd ich gut schlafen...

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War heute mit @nora und @ruehrtofu im #Stickermuseum (das letztere gefunden hatte) in #Berlin.

- kostenloser Eintritt
- sympathischer Besitzer
- jede:r Stickermacher:in kann eigene(!) Sticker einreichen
- von jeder:m Künstler:in wird immer mindestens 1 Sticker ausgestellt
! Also reicht alle Sticker ein! Noch haben sie imho viel zu wenig Queerkram, habe nicht 1 #trans* #Sticker - außer trouble-x‘ - gesehen !

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Ich fahre bald mehr Bahn. Welche Ressourcen sollte ich kennen, die mir das Bahnleben einfacher machen?

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#Exxon steht im Klimawandel-Prozess vor Gericht

Vor Gericht in New York hat ein spektakulärer Streit um die Auswirkungen des #Klimawandel begonnen. Angeklagt ist der Ölkonzern Exxon. Er soll Auswirkungen der #Erderwärmung
bewusst verschleiert haben.


Kind: schläft

"Es gibt keine Zombies!"
"ich hab in den Stern Kaffee reingeschüttet"

Im Schlaf redende Menschis sind einfach großartig <3

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