Idea: a task manager with fog of war mechanics. Only shows you the immediate task you’re on plus 2-3 tasks above/below.

New Year Stuff 

Food Porn 

bunposting sillyness 

Greek Mythology @#$%posting 

Ascension Game Score shenanigans 

Batman hot take 

Stuff Bunny says to his coworkers (silly/funny) 

Adventures in Soda x.x 

Date night (+) 

@#$% what google does (silly search engine shenanigans, slightly NSFW) 

Gender Exploration (NSFW - Orrery & Ko Sexual Antics) 

LB: Apparently I blepped and didn't even realize it until bird pointed it out. >.>'

Today I found the hands-down-best name for a weed store ever! 

Comic recommendation (NSFW book) 

Destiny Crusade 

Comic Book Store Expansion! 

One Very Silly Video Game 

Seattle stoner culture 

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