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Collectively, we go by 🎨 fon (they/them). Individually, we are:

πŸ‘ clar (they/them)
πŸ… roΚ’e i.e. red (they/them)
πŸ‡ violet i.e. vi (she/her)
🍡 grey (they/them)
πŸ’§ river (she/her)

If we add an emoji at the top of a post, it's usually to indicate who's speaking.

hey all, I'm slowly going to be moving over to @lightdark. follow me there if you want to keep in touch!

Windows version numbers are represented in Base 9


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Finished emoji commission of Ferris the Rustacean for @shello!

soon, there will be a user option for configuring how mentions work in DMs:

if you enable the safe dm mentions option, then only people at the beginning will actually be mentioned. this is useful for preventing accidental mentions, such as when you are discussing moderation actions concerning accounts.

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Don't often get to see this: a toaster approaching telophase in its mitotic process, about to pinch off its cell membrane. Nature is truly amazing

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Okay, so: based on my research I believe that RFC-69, from September 1970, is literally the first example of an internet person doing a reply-all and saying "please unsubscribe me from your list".

This is, of course, nice.

its weird the phrase "to peel back the layers of an onion" means what it means. I peel and chop several onions a week and I've never found anything surprising. it's always more onion

Old-time proverb: "a zweihander a day keeps the doctor away".