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There's been a couple of articles in the past week about how we need to consider the social, ecological and environmental context of implementing renewable energy — more than just switching to renewables itself.

Sustainable Hydropower in the 21st Century:

How an Indian windfarm is changing the colour of lizards:

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Scientists created a proof of concept that generates electricity with a mushroom ⚡️🍄

“The nitrogen in our DNA, the calcium in our teeth, the iron in our blood, the carbon in our apple pies were made in the interiors of collapsing stars. We are made of starstuff.”
― Carl Sagan, Cosmos

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Do you use a #ScreenReader for #Accessibility ?

A workers co-op is looking for some folks to do some paid testing. could lead to more work in the future.

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Really, asking "what should replace Facebook" is putting things the wrong way around.

A more interesting way to ask the question is, "what did Facebook replace."

People used to build their own websites. People used to have blogs. People used USENET which was truly distributed and un-censorable.

Facebook and Google took the open internet and open standards and monetized and made everything crappy. Enough of that. Nothing should replace Facebook, it's done, stick a fork in it.

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oof okay here we go. hi! if you are:
- making conlangs or speak languages that aren’t english
- queer, trans or have Strong Ideas about identity

i want to hear from you. i’m making a thing where i want to look at languages as tools to create new identities. looking for stories about words in Your Language that have a large influence on how you see yourself.

also you’ll be drawn as a cute(?) avatar that you get to specify 🍎

I was chatting with an architect some time ago and they told me you can now get CLEAR solar panels. How did I miss this?

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Hello lovely people of 🌻 Thank you for letting me camp here last couple of weeks while my shy awkward introverted self procrastinated on an !

I'm a researcher specialising in human-computer interaction, but in reality, things to summon me are: cats, books, music, growing-cooking-eating food, and all things handmade, especially .

Pleased to meet you! 🌱

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Oh by the way my old friend needs someone to take over her puppet business. No joke. If you would like to make a decent living traveling the world doing puppet shows for people, hit me up. I'll connect you. She built up the business with her husband starting in 1979. They're ready to retire.

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Did you know that you can subscribe to get my new songs as I create them? I already have one unreleased track in the subscriber feed:

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