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Food, plants 

Food, plants 

Food, plants 

Food, plants 

@ellavescent @GwenfarsGarden @liliana If it is not for kitty to eat, then why did the human put it there? SIlly human. Everything is for kitty to eat.

@InvaderXan @ellavescent @GwenfarsGarden Kitty is actually very good with boundaries, but he's a very unusual cat. Food isn't food unless it's in his bowl. It's brilliant, I can leave food on the kitchen counter and he won't go near it.

He loves his grasses (though I've had to rescue them to give them a bit more time to grow) and I think he was just curious about my food cos he was bored when I wasn't home ;)

@liliana @ellavescent @GwenfarsGarden That's good! I managed to teach my two something similar. They don't come begging for human food because it doesn't smell like food to them.

Well, unless it's chicken. Then all bets are off.

@InvaderXan @ellavescent @GwenfarsGarden oh! hm that's never occurred to me, we're largely vegetarian, that probably helps! Oops, biased data. 馃樄

@InvaderXan @liliana @GwenfarsGarden Erica wants to sniff everything we eat. She never wants to eat it after, but she has to check.

@liliana @InvaderXan @ellavescent my kitty is generally the same re food in her boll. But doesn't understand boundaries when it comes to ornamental grasses. Same with our previous cat.

In fact, when Merlyn (previous cat) died, we buried his ashes in a pot with his favourite grass. To this day we call it Grass Merlyn and remember him fondly.

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