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hello again! I've moved around a lot bc of all the instance extinctions, but am now here and planning to stay put.

I talk about: my day to day life, my feelings, knitting/yarn, art, books, lesbian stuff, naps, random objects I find, piano, ukulele, and organising. sometimes I do my nails and take pictures of it. my favourite colours are blues and chromatic greys.

I am friendly (I hope) but not great at initiating conversations, so talk to me!

I passed my road test! aaaaaaah 🚙

need to learn more discordant-ish russian piano stuff I guess

having a bad mh day, but playing this (badly) helped a bit:

I'm so glad it's a long weekend I want to cry

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e x p a n d stage 1

(altering a lace pattern to gradually get wider, for the skirt I’m )

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oh no it's 4am

RCT what have you done to me

I am filled with love for it and I don't think it's entirely nostalgia

roller coaster tycoon is such a good game omg

ok so more details:

"This isn't a corporate initiative where we're pushing clothing out there," said Loblaw's vice-president Mary MacIssac in an interview. "This is honestly, sincerely us responding to hundreds of thousands of asks to make some of this available."

I hate wearing yellow but also I love glitch clothing/textiles so I kind of want it??

ummmmm what

no frills (the canadian grocery store that sells food with really plain yellow branding (eg in first image) now has clothing that is kind of glitchy and amazing? what?

idk idk idk

I need to remember to take iron bc whenever I do, I suddenly have ENERGY