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hello again! I've moved around a lot bc of all the instance extinctions, but am now here and planning to stay put.

I talk about: my day to day life, my feelings, knitting/yarn, art, books, lesbian stuff, naps, random objects I find, piano, ukulele, and organising. sometimes I do my nails and take pictures of it. my favourite colours are blues and chromatic greys.

I am friendly (I hope) but not great at initiating conversations, so talk to me!

there's a good snow base out there so I sort of want to go skiing, but fuck everything to do with "feels like -28"

there would be so many childhood head sunburns

imagine if humans didn't grow hair on their heads until puberty

aaaaaah! my girlfriend is getting an apartment in my building in Dec, I'm SO EXCITED

I wish more than like 1/3 of my brain woke up at once

thank you, trucks, for convincing me that something other than grizzly bear was about to kill me

honking trucks in the beer parade woke me up from my regularly scheduled dreams about grizzly bear attacks

I'm haunted by grammar 

I'm haunted by grammar 

I think I'm going to try to find some internally threaded pipe instead, eugh

all the other combinations exist!
I'm so irritated

I've spent the last hour looking at plumbing parts (fixtures? idk) trying to find a "female-female" 20mm aerator or adapter for the tiny dishwasher I just bought and haven't been able to use, and I KNOW it exists bc I saw one in a youtube video, but it either doesn't exist in real life or I'm googling the wrong thing

ANYway, gender essentialist plumbing terms aside, the only possible reason for this not existing is clearly that it's the lesbian adapter, so it's never manufactured

what's even the point of being gay if you don't match bras with your girlfriend

someone outside is smashing? glass?? or something??? it's simultaneously upsetting and satisfying, what a sound

also, hello I'm still alive even tho I've been away for a couple months

I fell asleep with a lap weight on my chest, and through all my weirdo dreams I was carrying a kitten in my shirt

10/10 would recommend

I don't even know how to react to that

omg someone listed their second life name in their professional signature

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