I fell asleep with a lap weight on my chest, and through all my weirdo dreams I was carrying a kitten in my shirt

10/10 would recommend

@linen Sometimes I slide down on the bed as I sleep, and wind up with a foot pressed firmly against a bedpost. Then I dream about having something stuck in my shoe that just won't come out.

@decis hahah oh noooo! do you ever find out what it is that's stuck?

@linen The way that our dreams work is that any sensation linked to the physical-world body can be temporarily resolved.

If the body is thirsty, we could have a drink in the dream and temporarily feel less thirsty, but only for a short time.

We could remove an object from our shoe, but it doesn't take long for the feeling that there's still something in there to come back.

The brain mixes up what is expected with what actually happens, and takes time to figure out it didn't actually happen.

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