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At least the restart, however terrifyingly awkward it was, did actually fix the thing I wanted to fix! I can query our database directly now!


I tried to fix a docker thing in order to run that query about what emoji people use, and uhhhh that was an exciting 15 minutes full of error messages. But we're back!

Sorry everyone.


Sorry everyone turns out I'm out of amaranth seeds.

And I got no actual sprouts from that whole packet (except a few that I started indoors and then forgot to water oops). I guess there's still slender hope for some of the ones I planted a few weeks back but basically F- will not buy again bah humbug.

I just pulled the last peas from the garden, what should I plant in their place?

I'm not sure what they do for bar-le-duc - you'd get something completely different if you measured us both with society's official femininity ruler, we'd come out as scribbles. and so what keywords do you need a way I didn't actually puke. but I didn't, I was just a journal with a consolation prize masters was one of those, it's so worth it! Also the Vitamin D supplement to 4000 IU.


tech gabble 

Also I love that this thread is getting people to tell me their favorite emoji please continue

ban cars 

Loading the custom emoji picker on my phone takes foreevvvvvveeeeeerrrrrrr. I am kind of tempted to go through and see which of the w.e emojos no one has ever actually used, and delete them.

Or at least post which ones are the saddest and loneliest to see if that helps people use them more.

Is there science fiction that predicted antivaxers?

Not like, people rejecting cures and embracing disease because they have deeply-held religious objections or w/e, but people rejecting cures and embracing disease because they just kind of don't trust anything and/or get spun up about extremely unlikely pet theories.

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