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I am, as of this moment, officially looking for a job. The last straw just fell very heavily on this camel.

If anybody is looking for a senior rails developer.. I'm currently the 'Software Architect' at a financial services firm. Give me a ping.

I have probably asked for this before, but: What are some good sources for endless streams of coding techno?

I need something obscure enough that it's not blocked by my employer's stingy-ass firewall.

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Happy Armistice Day, your annual reminder that war is bad.


This is my favorite song about WWI, but CW on the video for pictures of corpses.

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folks, are you good at a hands-on skill? Do you want to teach it to others?

This is a cool event I had a lot of fun at last year, currently looking for volunteer teachers. No experience required. Last year's workshops included mason bees, mushroom cultivation, crochet, tool sharpening, bike maintenance...

I'm going to lead an edible plant walk.

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Hospital IT has to intervene in the medical record systems to do a thing for DST. Which, like, (1) omg why does a 100% predictable timezone change require downtime???, and (b) they did the downtime from 0045-0130 EXCUSE ME WHAT.

Does anyone have good writing you can link me to about how to implement blocking and muting correctly on a site where people can view each other’s content? I am about to implement such features and I want to center marginalized people and give them a good experience online.

Masto admins, people who have to block/ mute a lot of folks, if you have the energy, I'd love to hear what you have to say about what works well for you and what doesn't.

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Please send me an image of what you think is the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen, either in person or reproduced online/in a book/etc.?

(This is an extreme sincerepost, so sending me ironic crap will just make me autoblock you.)