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There are a bunch of library books I want to download... but as soon as I connect my Kindle to the internet, two of the overdue loans that I still want to read will go poof. Gaaaaaah it's DRM predicament bondage.

I skipped folklife yesterday, on account of I did bad job at sleep and self-care all week. It was what I needed.

Inspired by @distel's krimskrams I sorted through a big pile in the room where clutter goes to die. And hung a bunch of art! It's not optimal - I have many plans involving wall paint and furniture - but it's nicer than being in a pile.

I only have two pieces left to frame & hang now. And that room is much closer to being a sewing room instead of a clutter room.

there are other pictures of #mugs today? Mastodon memes are the current way to the concept of capybaras making friends with literally everyone. #IPetThatDog

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Watching pansy colors respond to their environment is interesting, but I have no idea what conditions are responsible for the changes. The blue ones above were a much stronger purple when I first bought them, you can kind of see the difference looking at the bottom flower in the picture.

Meanwhile these had much bigger, gorgeously patterned bronze faces, which they have lost in favor of All The Purple.

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They have little hairs down the back of the stem a bit like wild lettuce but softer. No white latex.

people - what are these? They were growing in my neighbor's flower bed, she said they were weeds, and they're new to me. They're also delicious.

Even with Zyrtec and good indoor air, my allergies are eating my eyeballs and I hate it.

Don't just kill your lawns. Kill all grass everywhere ๐Ÿ’ฏ ๐Ÿšซ ๐ŸŒฑ

Would I rather spend 4 hours cleaning the OR than doing my real job? :thaenkin: Even if I still have to do the same amount of real work? :throunking:

(There was a problem with the sterile HVAC system. The whole hospital is going popcorn b/c half the ORs are shut down and evvvvverryyythiiiing has to be cleaned.)

Anyone know which native Japanese plants/flowers were introduced to Canada?


I just looked at the Folklife schedule and aaaaaaaaaa Folklife is so good!

I'm going to try to make it through all of Saturday without collapsing - shape singing in the morning, square + Scandinavian dancing in the evening, dance workshops and concerts and the Balkan singalong in between. Anyone wanna meet up?

#Seattle knitters/crocheters/embroiderers/etc: @weird_hell and I are going to try to do a weekly crafting meetup at Tea Republik in the U-District! 6-8 pm on Mondays starting May 6. Let us know if you'll be there :)

#knitting #crochet #crafting @ky0ko @memnus

Update, I scrounged up a small bag of stuff and went. And I'm glad I did, because someone was getting rid of a bunch of leggings in my size. Score!