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Part of successfully reducing car dependency is being conscious about how far away things are and doing things closer to home when you reasonably can.

Don't just shrug and get in the car and drive for 45 minutes to something because you can and the only difference to you is some time in a comfortable car. Really contemplate every vehicle mile, take opportunities to reduce them, and seek out ways to work mass transit into trip planning.

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How often do you get invited to parties?

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I'm doing a cool side project this week so I just watched a neurologist read an EEG.

It's fucking barbaric, they're just staring at raw waveforms with only a little bit of bandpass filter, and some spectral power stuff that not everyone even uses. And then arguing with senior fellows about how asymmetric this or that peak is.

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hello all I am Raphael and I am the admin of, an interfaith instance that welcomes all faith/religion/spirituality/term of your choosing backgrounds and people to come and discuss their beliefs in a respectful and fun manner.

I myself consider myself a Christian and am currently in seminary getting my Masters of Divinity. I am still exploring the bounds of my faith as a queer latine Christian and what that means for me.

I hope you may join me in your journey

Hey where's a blank for that sexuality spectrum meme?

I chose to risk ~~ SEEING THROUGH TIME ~~ and uhhhhh here comes the first dose that I wasn't sure I took.

Wish me luck, puny mortals.

Can't remember whether I took my meds 10 minutes ago or not, halp.

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