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Maybe if I get pho and a lot of sleep tonight...

Allergies or the onset of a cold? Seems to be resolving in favor of a cold DANGIT.

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Oh, here we go. Pinterest got her name wrong.


It's... not as good as her hair tbh.

I made a Pinterest board as prep for a possible midlife crisis haircut (I have had long hair my entire life, it's starting to thin a little bit on top, feels).

It pretty quickly became a board for pictures of Brigitta Reuter, a German photographer whose entire Internet presence consists of people on Pinterest admiring her hair. I only know she's a photographer because the Pinterest people say so - but now after seeing her hair I'd really like to see some of her work.

Remember when you could Google something like "no-bake cat treat recipe" and get personal blog entries detailing 1 recipe? And not pages and pages of "try these 15 cat treat recipes" from content farms?

Was there a time when that was true *and* you could buy a milligram scale for <$20?

Anyway for the cost of a month's worth of kitty gabapentin from the vet I can buy a milligram scale + a year's worth of gabapentin in human dose capsules. HMU w/ yr fave no-bake cat treat recipes.

Why are jeans considered more comfortable than office slacks?

I understand why they're socially comfortable. But physically? Jeans have bulky seams and pokey rivets. Meanwhile the slacks I'm wearing today have an elastic waist and are basically cut like pajama pants with somewhat heavier fabric (tho not as heavy as denim!) and pockets.

I was on a walk and the cat was doing important cat things but we both agreed it's also important to take breaks sometimes for pettings.

Wearing a sweater fresh from storage and it smells like cedar 🌲 πŸ’š

I love how summer ends so suddenly here, everyone can point at the sky and cry joyfully for the rain.

Me: I'm not doing so bad at resisting pointless consumerism, I don't believe that the next cool gadget will solve my problems.

Also me: *adds flimsy blue-blocking clip-on lenses to my amazon wish list*

Like usually I hate those "someone is typing" notifications but omg right now it would be so nice.

When you're cc'd on a very rapid-fire email exchange between 2 colleagues and you wanna just be like, WAIT A DANG SECOND I AM TRYING TO TYPE BUT YOU KEEP SENDING MORE WRONG ASSUMPTIONS.

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if you're having trouble visualizing the recursive centaur i've made this helpful reference

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I'm off work and drinking caffeine today! It's only 9am so hopefully it'll wear off by midnight and I can get to sleep on time?

I woke up at 7:30 today almost like a normal person and it feels kind of nice. Usually the post-camping circadian entrainment only lasts a couple days at most though.