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My life would be consistently slightly better if traffic signal sensor loops came with a little light or something that tells you when the sensor has successfully detected your bicycle.

Not that I don't look cool rolling my bike back and forth across the lines in the cement hoping that I won't have to hike across the overly wide street to hit the pedestrian beg button - I totally look cool doing that. I just want to know that the traffic signal circuitry has seen how cool I look.

Butanol: C4H9OH

Bhutanol: เฝ เฝ–เพฒเฝดเฝ‚เผ‹เฝกเฝดเฝฃเผ‹OH

I want to revive something Teju Cole used to do on birbsite: everyone post photos of whatever's blooming around you, tagged with and where you are. Please boost and take part. Making it a reply to me is optional but I'll always enjoy florespondence from all over. Here are the daffodils that prompted me to get things started.

I do like FB memories. Today is the 3-year anniversary of the day my cat decided to hide in a grocery bag.

(She is claustrophobic and had never voluntarily gotten into a box or bag before, and has not done so since.)

Suddenly remembering all the Danish people I met who *insisted* that English does not have a single word for "sibling". What an odd misconception to take hold!

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Yesssss found a lady giving away free goat poop.

Rinsing with nettle tea is the only thing that tames my wispy "tiny antenna phoning home" hairs. So I have a quart in the shower, and another quart in the fridge, and that's as much as I think I can use before it goes bad.

It just occurred to me that I could probably can it? Like, it's not acidic enough to prevent botulism with water bath canning (and I don't think my hair likes vinegar enough to want to add any) but does that matter when I'm just going to dump it on my head?

4 lbs of nettles doesn't sound like that much, until you see it in the sink.

I thought my last mushroom batch was hopelessly contaminated and I'd have to get new spawn. But today, when I pulled it out to finally toss it into the compost, the one in the plastic bag was all white and mycelium-y! So I brought it upstairs, opened it up some, misted the shit out of it, hopefully it'll fruit.

The one in the almond milk box was, indeed, hopelessly contaminated. Lesson learned: plastic bread bags are better mushroom homes than tetrapak.

Replacement shovel handles are the same price as new shovels ๐Ÿ˜‚

I broke my shovel trying to dig out a shrub for someone on Buy Nothing. But now at least one of those hedge plants is gone! 4 to go... and then there's the equally useless hedge on the other side of the walkway, but at least that one doesn't actively interfere with the raised bed.

Previous homeowner did not understand that plants *get bigger* after you put them in the ground.

Thanksgiving might be worth a re-read actually, it's been a significant source of food poisoning for decades.

What are some good and pure things in the rain again.

I have petted this fat socks tabby before, and I will pet it again. This I vow.

The cool thing about folding your fabric stash to a uniform size is that it gives you a clear line for what is a "piece" to save intact, and what is small enough to be a "scrap" that should be cut into standard sizes immediately.

Yesterday I saw two sets of plastic drawers by a dumpster on my way to work, and I am bitterly regretting that I didn't take the time to grab them. They would've been perfect fabric storage.

I had a packet of 2 year old sage seeds, and got one seedling out of it. Which is exactly the number of sage plants I need!