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I'm not good at darning, but needle felting over the holes in a sweater is a pretty easy repair. Hoping someone at the barter meetup likes hearts more than I do, I thought the first two were cool but there were an awful lot of moth holes and it kind of got out of control...

And when I say "in the middle" I actually mean specifically "at discharge" which is the most annoying possible time for this to happen.

Today in real-world data, patients that get assigned a new medical record number in the middle of their inpatient stay.

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I spent tonight observing at the urgent care and what I have to say about that is:


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Can we make it an etiquette rule that you should never, ever send follow-ups asking whether someone read that listicle you forwarded?

Like sure it's a bummer to not get the gratification of an "awww thanks" to your well-intentioned "thinking of you"... but (a) all the follow-up will do is make the recipient feel shame, (b) listicle.

the dentist has all the same elements of a placebo treatment as acupuncture - there's a professional who listens to your complaints, examines you, and pokes you with sharp instruments. so in addition to fixing my tooth, this should definitely help keep a lid on this developing cold.

I wish they were playing soothing new age pablum instead of pop country music though.

boost this toot and ill choose a monster from the 1st edition monster manual that i think exemplifies you

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Off to catch some Pokemon and beg the local coffee shops for used grounds, so that I can grow my next batch of mushrooms. Doot doot.

I have never binge watched a show like I am currently binge watching The Good Place.

Those Netflix algorithm fuckers are getting the formula nailed down, we're fucked.

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I've been bike commuting for years, I have a vivid physical memory of how much better my body feels when I do it, and I still feel this huge resistance to getting back into it after taking the bus for a couple of weeks.

Had I realized the rain would pick up right after I left my driveway I would've chickened out again, but I didn't, and I'm glad.

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