Today's edible : Seattle, it's time for black locust blossoms! If you can find a branch low enough to reach you can pull off handfuls of flowers that taste like peas.

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@hope plain like popcorn! Or I make a salad with chive blossoms + a sweet yogurt and mint dressing.

They lose most of their charm when cooked.

@mcmoots btw, it's always funny to me that my parents' mini-zone is about 2 weeks ahead of my area in terms of planting, even though they're only about 60 miles south. Their locusts were just beginning to bloom at Easter and are already gone now, while the ones here are in full swing.

@rubah I'm not actually familiar with honey locust. But they smell good - although I wonder if I'm actually missing olfactors for part of the smell, since other people seem to consistently describe it as more heavily floral than I do.

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