There needs to be a book on "What's worth making yourself" so the page on paprika can say "no."


@Eden oh I actually read a book with this premise once! "Make the Bread, Buy the Butter". Don't think it covered paprika though.

I'm sure I'm underestimating the culinary utility of paprika as a result of experience with low-quality stuff... but like, why would I fart around trying to obtain good paprika when I already have a reliable supply of berbere?

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@mcmoots I've had that recommendation twice from this status, so I think I must have to get it!

I hadn't heard of berbere, it seems like a spice mix that uses paprika?

But good paprika is fantastic for a lot of barbecue/spanish/mexican dishes by itself, and having both smoked and regular paprika can really help bring out different flavours in a dish/spice rub. I don't know if you can use berbere in that place, or if the other flavours would overpower it?

@Eden Berbere is hotter than paprika, and I'm sure each producer uses their own blend of chiles - not sure how many include actual paprika peppers.

I mean I do also have regular chile powder on hand if I don't want all the berbere flavors, and I'll get chipotle powder if I want smoke. Or smoked salt, there are lots of ways to add smoky flavors. But my in-laws are from New Mexico so they keep us supplied with the good chiles.

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