There needs to be a book on "What's worth making yourself" so the page on paprika can say "no."

But equally, what is worth making from scratch?

I feel like gnocchi is, but pasta isn't. Most ragus are, same for meatballs, pesto is only worth it for the price, white sauces are, but lasagne isn't.

Croissants are so tough to decide because they're so good freshly made but so much effort. It's like the ultimate in effort reward. Pastry fucking isn't, especially for pies.


@Eden I got an electric pasta machine off buy nothing, and if you have one of those the equation changes. Somewhat worse results for *vastly* less effort. Still not worth it for plain pasta but it's fun to make flavored noodles.

Also once I figured out how to get good pie crust texture I could never go back to storebought. Worth the effort imo.

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