It's Friday please show me what comfy sweaters you are wearing! Or comfy t-shirts I guess if you're in the southern hemisphere. People exactly on the equator, uh, button downs?

I felted over the moth holes on this one and now I'm kind of sad they weren't in a more prominent location.

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this post has 8 boosts and only 2 cozy sweater replies, is this global warming?

@mcmoots no sweater for me today, but I am wearing these great sweater-like socks!

@twistylittlepassages Oh wow those really *are* great! Also I am in awe at what I assume is your ability to make them stay hoisted properly on your thighs.

@mcmoots oh, hah! wearing them over leggings helps, but I did hoist them up to full height specifically for the photo.πŸ˜„

@mcmoots that is a nice moth hole darning job!!
I'm wearing this one, I have knit this myself:

@distel That is a lovely sweater! I like how the buttons kind of vibe differently when they're on the matching-color vs. not-matching rows.

@distel what a beautiful sweater! it's a good day for stripes. :)

@mcmoots i am wearing a hoodie with a bunch of patches on it and I'm thinking about how to take a photo of it

@twistylittlepassages @mcmoots oh is that what were using as a measure of cool now? I suspect my kiddo would beg to differ. She's the real skatepunk in the family.

@compostablespork @mcmoots I'm just sayin', I don't see the T sharing awesome photos and stories and writing funny and compassionate response-toots to friends around here. :blobcatthink:

@compostablespork @mcmoots the T is very cool and I like what I can see of your tattoos! <3

@distel @mcmoots thanks! I should try to share a good picture of it! You all supported me so much when I was going to get it :blue_balloon_heart:

@mcmoots I'm not wearing a shirt! (Unless a dress is a very looong shirt.)

The felt work on your sweater is so cozy looking. Did you do anything else to the holes before starting? Is it felted on both sides to stop the unraveling?

I am in fact wearing a button-down despite being /far/ from the equator (way too far if you ask me; the daylight hours this time of year are brutally short).

Usually I'm in a comfy hoodie but today I'm wearing this nice shirt which like all my nice clothes is secondhand from someone who actually has taste in clothes. :) Any excuse to share it!

Also I bought some new stuff to put in my hair today so I think my hair's cute.

@mcmoots It's not something I'd have chosen for myself but I love it so much!

@Pixley My friend's boyfriend has excellent taste in shirts, and I'm happy he didn't want this one any more.

He apparently desperately wants to take my friend's other boyfriend clothes shopping, which that guy could not be less interested in. So I say he should take me clothes shopping instead! Because its never going to happen if I'm left to my own devices.

@error_1202 you're just sitting there, needing to be taken out shopping! By someone with good taste!

@mcmoots navy hoodie with lots of patches and a "thought criminal" pin

Saturday, Southern hemisphere. Too warm for jersey but too cold to not have these socks ;)

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