@nova They were just little specks when I left the house this morning.

@mcmoots Nice! I am also growing mushrooms at the moment.

@mcmoots I left them in my greenhouse which I think is a little too cold right now so they are growing quite slowly.

@kawaiipunk Nice! What kind?

Mine are oysters, growing on used coffee grounds and cardboard.

@mcmoots Same!

Actually grey oysters. So they have a much darker cap that yours. Growing on the same mixture.

🍄 Mushroom friend! 🍄 What kind are you growing? I tried making shiitake logs from plug spawn but I don't think mine are working...

@pineappleface These are oysters, growing on spent coffee grounds & cardboard.

I've tried shiitake logs before too and mine didn't work either. But this oyster mycelium is super resilient. I can give you a bit of spawn from it if you want.

@mcmoots Oh that sounds great; I'd love some! Are yours indoors or out? My housemate can't really tolerate fungal smells so I'd have to grow outside.

@pineappleface Mine are indoors; I haven't noticed any smell at all from them. But they should be fine outside, I've harvested several fruitings from the "spent" substrate sitting in my compost pile.

@pineappleface I'll let you know when I'm ready to harvest & split the mycelium, probably this weekend ish.

@mcmoots that's on purpose, right? just checking before i freak out & throw away all my bread

@caprimoon Hahaha, yes.

I think there might've been a little bread mold in there with them earlier but the mushroom mycelium is strong and defeated it.

@mcmoots whew! this looks like a fun project, even though i don't eat 'em.

@caprimoon yeah, I recommend it. It feels good to be able to turn junk mail into food.

@mcmoots wait, i have so much junk mail. do you have a how-to you can point me to?

@caprimoon I don't know of any specifically for junk mail, here's one for newspaper pellet kitty litter & guinea pig food: namyco.org/cultivation_substra

The mushrooms will eat almost anything. Think of substrate materials like compost, blending greens + browns to get the C/N ratio that works best. I use a mix of about 50/50 old coffee grounds + paper/cardboard.

@caprimoon I rip the paper into small-ish pieces and sterilize it in my instant pot. The coffee grounds don't need to be sterilized as long as they're fresh, the brewing process takes care of that.

With junk mail, avoid anything too glossy/colorful, as those are sometimes printed with heavy metal inks. Most ink is soy-based nowadays though, particularly anything on newsprint like Trader Joe's ads etc.

@mcmoots ooh I bought a big bag of pine kitty litter for compost reasons and haven’t used it. wonder if that works?

@caprimoon I bet it would! You could mix in a little bit of coffee grounds or something for nutrition, if you have some, but you can probably get by without.

@mcmoots ha, I would not have recognized anything but the pic decription helped me see them!

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