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I drove on my own for the first time today. Visited a friend who lives six or seven miles from my house, but who I rarely ever see because I had no way of going to where she lives.

I’ve really missed seeing her like I used to when we were in uni together. We don’t see one another often enough, and I haven’t been able to support her through some really tough times beyond emotional support, because it’s not like I could come over with a pot of chili if I couldn’t get there.

Having some time to myself! Don’t need other geese to enjoy a parking lot!

Please note that I took this photo before the snow storm started, earlier this morning. I assume the geese are somewhere more sheltered now!

I don’t know what this is, but I’m going to stand on it!

I was out for sushi in Eagan the other day and drove past a school for six-month-olds. Not six-year-olds. Six-MONTH-olds.

Rich people are weird.

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You want to go on the path? No! Geese territory now!

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Ooops, I just realized I put the wrong goose pic! Here’s the actual goose pic.

for today - two beautiful geese! They went to two different ponds and then honked at each other from their respective ponds before moving in together :)

This is my dating profile :V

No geese today! :( I checked all three ponds in the morning and during lunch, but no luck. Plenty of signs they were around, though!

I was going to post an April Fools goose report with ducks, but unfortunately the ducks weren’t around today.

So here’s a regular instead!

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I walked around the U of M campus with my sib today, introducing them to various things. We saw quite a few turkeys! I remember seeing many of them when I was in school, glad to know they’re doing well. :)

Goose report: still goosing around!

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The Geese Report: still goosin’ it.

me: what should I do tomorrow

the giant insect or possibly swam of insects that talks to me in my dreams and tells me endtimes are coming: 🦗start the apocalypse🦗

me: don’t know why I even bother