pride is this weekend for me, and I’m already shifting into Pride Mode, so to all my fellow queer alterhumans: happy pride!!!

I want a Tamagotchi ON but oh my God are they expensive


you can have two DADs [in your Japanese Yu-Gi-Oh deck] now! Happy Pride y’all!

living life in the middle lane
going 65 in 60 cuz
I think that is a nice speed
and I don’t want to spend ticket $$$

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Working on the first #embroidery patch I'm gonna make! My trans chaos symbol I made a long time back, but finally a nice cleaned up version.

BTW shit like this, that honestly I'm just mashing up public domain stuff, I stick in the public domain. It's a community symbol, it belongs to the community, not me. So the SVG will be available as well as the embroidery design to do what you will with. :)

#patches #openSource #inkstitch #inkscape #art #iMakeStuff


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Does anyone have any recommendations for literature that’s not from Europe or America, with available English translations or originally written in English?

I’m interested in reading worldwide fiction, but I don’t know much about books as most of my friends aren’t big readers. I’m not very picky, but I don’t like graphically sexually explicit work. (Think: R-rated is fine, X-rated is not.)

weekend accomplishments:
- messaged someone on a dating app for the first time
- went on a lovely walk in the park
- submitted two short stories to potential publishers
- finished “Whatever Happened to Interracial Love” - I’m trying to read more literature, especially literature by women of color

I’m feeling very productive! Also, I bought a car.

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yugioh arcV spoilers, baffling, arguably body horror? 

I got a library card! The local selection isn’t huge, but there’s still a lot, and they have a service where I can read ebooks too for free 8)

I don’t know why I never did this before! It totally fucking rules!

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I like Tumblr, and I’ve written many a fanfic, but I still don’t understand why the hot new thing is shipping characters from Moomin, which is basically Finnish Winnie the Pooh???

This funky little dude is awful cute, but I can’t imagine thinking about his love life!


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I saw geese today! But I also saw this cool turtle so I’m sharing that instead.

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