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the berries space server spontaneously recited the tears in rain monologue but, thats probably fine

every time someone says something tastes like cough syrup as an insult I remember that when I was 2 I stole the cough syrup and got the safety lid off and drank half a bottle cuz Tastey

incidentally I do enjoy diet soda now, so the comparison may not be too far off

All this drink talk makes me want a hot ginger tonic. Cover some chunks of peeled ginger with water, boil for an hour, put in some hot pepper, throw it in a blender, and pour a few spoons into sparkling water (or tonic water if you want the sweet/actually want a tonic).

I’m not convinced it’s actually got any health properties, regardless of proponents, but it’s tasty as hell.

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I’m thinking about a recumbent trike but they’re so expensiiiiiive

but no car :0

Stepmania pad update: my second strongest resistors are way too weak, and my strongest are way too strong. So now I’m waiting on the extra ones I ordered to arrive... on economy mail from Britain. >_>

Oh well, they’ll get here eventually!

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The displays for my VPets finally arrived, so now I’m trying to put together designs a good set of pets for like tops a 60x50ish resolution, and ideally much less (due to RAM concerns).

I am not a designer, it turns out X_X

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Extremely early dance pad prototype! There’s a looooooong way to go from here, haha, but the core concept is there.

I discovered that the author of my favorite young adult series as a youth is a lesbian, which seems obvious in retrospect. The fourth in the series pretty much sparked my queer awakening. It was marked as Red Dot in the library, so I needed a permission slip from my parents saying I could read mature books to check the series out, AND I couldn’t until 7th grade...

The first book had awesome cover art of a hawk, and I waited my whole 6th grade year impatiently for the chance to read it!

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I got my capacitive touch code working!
Now I just need a bunch of potentiometers and boards and project homemade stepmania hard pad will be a go 😎

Mastodon means boob tooth so no more posting about Mastodon on nice family friendly sites sorry

gonna crack open a cold one with the boys

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