After a frankly Herculean effort, the printer is running again!

Is this thing a crap ton of work? Yeah. Is it cool knowing that even if I break a part, it’s built to be repaired? Hell yeah.

Yesterday was a disaster, but at least I got some soldering practice in. :) I want to get good so my Horrible Creations TM can come to life...

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3D printer problems 

oblique nsfw reference, dating, ableism reference (joking about my dating life) 

Just spent far too much money on a new doll... but I’m so in love. 😍

(We need a 🤖😍 emoji!)

me: what should I listen to?

the gremlin that lives in my brain and only likes the album “songs of innocence” by u2: ooh I know!

very bad religion joke 

relationship difficulties 

very unsanitary, mh (+) 

questionable parenting but it’s no big deal 

in the context of my childhood writing: sexual violence, police brutality, suicide, bad taste in rap music 


pros of paper books:
- no DRM
- keep it forever
- lend it to friends
- actually yours
- takes up physical shelf space, so I actually read it

pros of ebooks:
- easier to sneakily read at work
- doesn’t take up physical shelf space, so I can have as many as I want

- I own a lot of books in both formats >_>

injuries, disability 

interpersonal drama (-) 

Got a house showing tomorrow!

I’m really hoping to move to the cities soon, I’m tired of driving so much......

absolutely fucking massive Yugioh Vrains spoilers, death 

Actually I’m trying to write stuff that’s less convoluted and bizarre in general, and it’s like, this isn’t any fun at all! I want to give Zero Escape a run for its money >_>

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