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baffling fashion-art dolls 

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transphobia, medical industry 

Lately I’m trying to focus on enjoying what’s cool and available instead of fixating on one specific, hard to get thing. It’s both fun - I never would’ve checked out some of what I’m reading if I didn’t! - and a little frustrating, haha.

DC Talk songs 

I’m currently listening to a mix of nostalgic music for me. As a youth I liked basically three kinds of music:
1) emo nu metal
2) Christian rock
3) ultraviolent rap music

It’s a lot of mood whiplash!


animal farm, politics in that vein, anticapitalism 

animal farm, politics in that vein 

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NSFW. Asking for info & resources about some of the lesser-known options for bottom surgery for FTM & MTF spectra, so that I can create a sex ed infographic about them all. (OK to RT) 

insurance (+?) 

after a forty-six year gap, one of my favorite bands put out their second album. next time you think about the wait between Netflix seasons, remember - it could always be worse!

Today I got a 70$ pair of shoes in good condition for 4$ because the soles are cracked in one spot.

I’m amazed at how much people don’t fix things... some things are hard to fix, but given the material you’d be fine supergluing these with a gel superglue honestly. A little sanding to hide and even the seam, and they’re good as new.

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So here's a thing about and newsmaven.io/indiancountrytoda

Another lesson in don't believe white people's idea of history, b/c oh hey they're full of shit. Also, whites make up history for political reasons

happy birthday Maya Amano from Persona 2!!! :)

internalized ableism, delusions 

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