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people said I should introduce with media

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The cycle of Masto posting:
- think of an unfunny joke
- post unfunny joke
- delete five seconds later

The Masked Singer is literally the most ludicrous slop I’ve ever watched but the bee is still absolutely 100% grade-A Hot.

(no spoilers I’m only on episode 2)

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A new friend arrived today!

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Attempting some repairs!

I got it to move for about two seconds, which is better than before!

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Lavender Country is an excellent album, but I sure wish there was more out there like it :/

After hours of work... my Atmega 328U finally runs Blink >_> (image is a GIF; may move on some platforms - if it doesn’t, the red light blinks)

I finished a new story! I’m not sure how good it is; it’s hard to get a feel for whether your own twist endings work >_>

working on my monster of the week campaign for my brother. hot damn it’s a lot of work; hopefully he’ll appreciate it!!

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I finished cleaning my desk AND got my latest short story submission in! Fingers crossed :)

I organized my arduino parts AND finished cleaning corrosion and pen marks off the black !

I hope to build my own small pet animatronic someday, but these three are charming in their own right :)

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This seems relevant to my masto friends:

"So all the Animorphs books are available online for free with [Katherine Applegate]'s blessing, btw"

My reward to myself if I finish cleaning my work desk - a new pen case o3o