Progress Issues

Talking about some of my personal mental health issues relating to the project (as well as issues with other things) and what I'm trying to do get through them.

Thanks to those who were at the stream!

Here's a picture of the cat that was being cute and irritating for half the stream~

Doing a brief unscheduled stream since I now have a graphics card that doesn't glitch all over the place

(apologies for the repost, fucked up the URL xwx)

Mutant Standard is made by a disabled queer person who doesn't have a stable income, so if you've enjoyed Mutant Standard emoji and have the money, consider kicking a few bucks this way:


briefly admiring the nearly 1000 emoji I've made over the past 2 years

The website is down at the moment due to some host maintenance. It'll be back up soon-ish hopefully!

To anyone who wanted to give recurring donations but didn't want to do it via Patreon: how would you feel about Ko-fi? (via me subscribing to Ko-fi gold)

(Reminder that Liberapay is not an option, I tried it, it was bad, I'm not trying it again)

TL:DR: they found that they couldnt create a viable business model for it.

Things we can do about the current US Migra awfulness 

(I think I've said it before, but just to make sure - I'm aware of the conversations going on about a new lesbian flag, I welcome them, but I don't see it as right for me to change it in Mutant Standard unless some sort of consensus has been established as to what the new one should be because I'm not a lesbian myself.)

yo i got slooots for my fediverse-famous emojis

DM @kiilas if you want some

Extra info:

(this is basically me coming up with ways to cram the pride symbol into things that I haven't seen other people do on fedi yet lol)

I've got more open slots for emoji commissions!

DM my agent @kiilas if you're interested!

More info:

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