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Mutant Standard

We're now using Mutant Standard 0.2.2! :ms_blue_jay:​ :ms_eastern_dragon:​ :ms_owl:​

I've also updated the Mastomutant utility to namespace Mutant Standard emoji with an "ms_" prefix because a few of them conflict with the standard Twemoji shortcodes.

The non-prefixed versions are disabled so Mastodon's web app won't try to load both versions.

Mutant Standard 0.2.2!

- Lots of new bird emoji!
- 4 more claw hands (the claw hands are now complete!)
- Improved western_dragon emoji
eastern_dragon emoji
- Some other small improvements here and there.




Remember that I have a public Trello board for my notes so you can see exactly what I'm thinking of. This is my release plans page -

It's like mind-reading but without the ugly ethics~

(Keep in mind that things can and will change at any time E:)

(These aren't going to be the only times I work on these areas, but it's where I plan to make a good dent in them and then come back again later)

Current feelings on versions....

0.2.2 - burds (being finished and exported rn)
0.2.3 - lizards and fish
0.2.4 - humans and meta-humans
0.2.5 - more RPG objects and similarly cool things

burd burd burd burd burd burd burd burd burd burd

All claw hands are now done! Expect the complete set in Mutant Standard 0.2.2! 🎊

Did anyone said dice?
:d10:​ :d12: ​:d20:​ :d4:​ :d6: ​:d8:​

$3+ patrons on Patreon now have a load more exclusive wallpapers to enjoy!

I've updated Mastomutant to also install @dzuk's specials package.

The current version is hard-coded until I know what file naming scheme ze're going to go with for those.

Mutant Standard 0.2.1 and Mutant Standard S1 Show more

(I'm designing a large batch of Patron wallpapers too~ E:)

Exporting 0.2.1 right now~~~ E: