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Mutant Standard

(Orxporter is the custom script that I use to create Mutant Standard packages and batch recolour emoji and stuff)

(psst, if anyone is interested in using Orxporter, let @kiilas know, because kiilas will open source it faster if they know that other people want to use it)

$3+ patrons now get advance sneak peeks of future emoji versions!

(If you're wondering why I haven't been posting as much lately, it's because of this. I'm making a backlog. >w>)

Hey, check out this emoji bot that @spud made!!!

➡️ @mutantemojibot

Recurring donation goals have now been moved back to Patreon for convenience, so if you're wondering where they've gone, that's where! ^^ (

If you don't like the options I have atm, I will eventually move from Patreon to Drip (which is run by a Public Benefit Corporation and has a well-defined anti-hate policy)... whenever it becomes available (the wait for Drip to move out of invite-only has been a lot longer than expected, if anyone has an invite they're willing to share, please let me know).

A bit more detail about the Liberapay thing. I'm just rushing to get things shut down atm.

(luckily it's not a lot of money that's remaining in the account, but it's still money that you donated)

If you want to keep donating, you can do so via PayPal or Patreon.

I'm sorry that this has happened, I assumed that Mangopay wasn't taking any more money so Liberapay wouldn't keep taking money, but it did.

I left things going for a while after the Mangopay incident because I assumed Liberapay would take care of things, but they haven't and the communication has been really bad, which is bad news for both me and you, which is the main reason I'm closing the account.

I'd like to thank everyone who has donated via Liberapay in the past ^^.

Hey, just to let everyone know, I'm going to close Mutant Standard's Liberapay account.

I can't close it immediately because I recently moved to a new bank that doesn't accept the kind of money transfer Liberapay does, so I can't push the remaining money in my account out somewhere. I've emailed them about it and hopefully we can get it fixed ASAP.

I recommend all of my current Liberapay donors to stop donating to my account because I can't withdraw the money that goes there anymore.

I've already done my regular call for donations, but here's something that I put on Twitter's that I didn't put here and I wanted to share it with you all ha haa~

Project housekeeping~

(CW: I talk about mental health stuff in pretty vague ways towards the end)

Mastodon is soon going to add a batch emoji import functionality, and I'm working on making a package that's compatible with it :)

Someone noticed a mistake in the codepoint packages whereby the :headpats: emoji wasn't in it even though it should be (it should be there at 101697). It's been fixed now, and the fixed packages are on the website :)

I've also changed the default Mastodon package to 128px (instead of 64px).