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Mutant Standard

Yay! I managed to hack some code together that compensates for Affinity Designer's SVG exporter. SVGinOT glyphs now display fine! (as long as it's not on macOS's native text client)

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gah, sorry about all the edits.

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I got WhatsApp's transgender flag working in font development earlier than I planned to! E:

Important streaming update!

Due to some unforseen stuff (insomnia), I'm going to have to move the stream to 3am UK time. (+ 6 hours)

(7pm US Western, 10pm US Eastern, 04:00 CET, 2pm East Australia)

Apologies for the short notice! xwx

It's not a competition (or is it?) but I'd like to remind everyone that Mutant Standard did a trans flag before WhatsApp's easter egg trans flag 😭

(And I'll make Mutant Standard's fonts and systems compatible with WhatsApp's trans flag in the future c:)

The monthly Mutant Standard livestream is happening today at 9pm UK time!

(1pm US Western, 4pm US Eastern, 22:00 CET, 8am East Australia)

Or I could just get bored and do what everyone else does. That's also equally possible for something like 🍳

When I say 'open interpretation time' I really mean it.

I mean, what would I be if I didn't take advantage of a really vaguely worded emoji? 🙃

My notes for the livestream emoji

The next livestream will be Saturday 9th March at 21:00 GMT!

(13:00 US Western, 16:00 US Eastern, 22:00 CET, Sun 08:00 East Australia)

I plan on doing random symbols and objects I need in order to make a working font! (I might also show off some font building stuff)

they're not all the same because different platforms, different posting habits~

Something cool that I shared with patrons a month ago: a very rough concept of what a browser extension could look like~

This is working in Safari, but not in Firefox - I don't support there's anyone that might know why that is?