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Mutant Standard

I like how the GNOME font viewer displays a random set of characters each time in the preview for an emoji font

Old-time proverb: "The CRT is mightier than the sword".

i don't wanna holler but @dzuk's work with @mutantstd has literally done more for queer arts and queer representation than anything anyone else on the fediverse has even dreamed of.

if i was a big arts foundation i would literally be sending zir the Big Bucks right now just to keep doing what ze is doing. zero joke. without a second thought.

i'm not though so…

maybe give a little on my behalf?


Mutant Standard as a system font in Linux/GNOME!

Someone is proposing a way of making emoji encoding a less closed system, by essentially using Wikidata ID numbers for encoding instead of Unicode codepoints.

It's probably not free of some of the issues I have been talking about Unicode in Mutant Standard, but it is a lot better!

(via @nightpool)

Twitter thread, why the Uber/Lyft strike is important (mentions of corruption and suicide) Show more

Because most font tools suck ass, I'm really trying hard to make forc as friendly as possible, with very clear and transparent error messages.

If you're nerdy and interested in playing around with building your own custom Mutant Standard font, the build build files now has font stuff and a very quick font building guide:

my university counselor asked me for recommendations for trans literature to put in the counseling library

do you know any really good books about gender? please let me know!


(boosts appreciated too)

(working out Android format fonts some more~~~)

Reminder to not cross the picket line tomorrow and avoid using all rideshare apps. Help out workers in their struggle for fair pay!!

Waypoint's 72 hour gaming marathon for Trans Lifeline is starting now!

If you'd like to help make more gay, furry, weird and wonderful emoji get made (and help a disabled queer designer) check the project out on Patreon~!

It's sketch time!

Sketches and thoughts about Mutant Standard 0.3.1 (the release before the latest one)

The new technical reference documents for 0.4.0 are finally available!

i bought a witchcraft book that was written in the 90s and oh man it does NOT disappoint