Hey, I'm slowly looking more and more into a sticker sheet crowdfund. Let me know if you'd be interested in buying sticker sheets and if so, what kind of sheets would you like to see!

I've given some examples here, but they can be any emoji from Mutant Standard!

@mutantstd The "default" one is pretty great!
I might also get the hearts, smilies, and pink and blue ones 😆

@mutantstd it would be super cool to see the tarot cards, runes, etc. in an "esoteric" set

@mutantstd Ooh, I'd love any subset of the food/drink/herbs or nature/effects emoji!

@mutantstd Definitely interested in the 'Assorted' since I saw the proof the first time, but also in the 'Thinking', ':)', 'FEELINGS' and 'Cybre' sheets. I already feel my wallet hurting but that's alright. 😅

@mutantstd aaah I forgot to reply to this earlier but I would probably buy all of these sheets & also would DEFINITELY buy a sheet of queer/trans stickers :queer100:

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