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November/December 2018 Plans

(I forgot to post about this elsewhere, heh)

Mutant Standard @mutantstd

The biggest two things are that Mutant Standard 0.3.2 is going to be mostly animals-focused and that it will be the start of me adding text description data into the build files, so developers can start adding fully-fledged text descriptions with Mutant Standard emoji.

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@mutantstd I really like your work, I'm wondering if I could make your emoji set the default one on my Linux 🤔

@Vetra I think some people have mused about getting Mutant Standard on Linux in the past, but IDK if anyone has succeeded in doing so ^^

@mutantstd They're really nice, though, that would be great!

@mutantstd But unfortunately, I'm waaay too unskilled to do it, so that won't ever happen I guess ^^"