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@mutantstd Where's the source files for the 0.4.0 release? Nothing in the GitHub commit log implies the changes mentioned in the blog post.

@astraluma Yeah, I made the blog intending to do the repo immediately but I didn't have anough energy at the time I released the normal stuff. It's up now!

@mutantstd Follow-up question: How did you get the reduction in PNG sizes? I'm not seeing anything noticeably different in the build scripts, and my own build does not have a significantly smaller size over the previous version.

Mutant Standard @mutantstd

@astraluma the build scripts don't include that stuff! I use a new build script that runs oxipng (on default settings) on the output afterwards (alongside a whole bunch of other things, including fonts). It's a long mess and isn't applicable for everyone so I didn't put it in the repo.

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@mutantstd Even just running oxipng helped cut >40% of my file sizes.