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0.4.0 introduces an evolution in the way Mutant Standard emoji are designed.

This updated style has brigter colours, enhanced depth and more details, while keeping the same beloved contrast and readability at small sizes.

Mutant Standard 0.4.0 is finally here!

- Fonts beta!
- An updated look with hundreds of emoji designs improved
- Lots of new emoji
- Text description data for the visually impaired
- Smaller files!

Demo: mutant.tech/demo

Download: mutant.tech/download

Donate: mutant.tech/donate

More info: blog.mutant.tech/index.php/201

Mutant Standard emoji

shortcode: transgender_symbol
codepoint(s): U+26a7-U+fe0f

get: mutant.tech/use

I got WhatsApp's transgender flag working in font development earlier than I planned to! E:

Something cool that I shared with patrons a month ago: a very rough concept of what a browser extension could look like~

Some progress with making an font that can replace Apple's emoji set on macOS!

(Thanks to peeps on the Mutant Standard Discord for hepling out!)

That stream was really fun! Got to improve all of the train emoji!

(more iOS tests~~~)

(the alignment/metrics of the font haven't been fully worked out yet)

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