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Mutant Standard

Something cool that I shared with patrons a month ago: a very rough concept of what a browser extension could look like~

Some progress with making an font that can replace Apple's emoji set on macOS!

(Thanks to peeps on the Mutant Standard Discord for hepling out!)

working hard on making fonts 4 u~


That stream was really fun! Got to improve all of the train emoji!

more sneak peeks of font development~~~~

(more iOS tests~~~)

(the alignment/metrics of the font haven't been fully worked out yet)

Prototype of a Mutant Standard font working in iOS!

(the released version of this will be signed, don't worry)

More techy weirdness! Some internal tests on new image formats out of curiosity, and comparing them alongside existing SVG optimisation developments.

Early 2019 Plans

What we're planning to do over the next few months, including fonts!!!!

New exclusive wallpapers for $3+ patrons on Patreon, including Y2K-inspired shiny emoji~

here's a small selection of the numbers that have currently been assigned:

Hey, I'm slowly looking more and more into a sticker sheet crowdfund. Let me know if you'd be interested in buying sticker sheets and if so, what kind of sheets would you like to see!

I've given some examples here, but they can be any emoji from Mutant Standard!

Mutant Standard S2

- Revamped thinks!
- New thinks!
- Avocado Toast and more cursed emoji!
- 32px versions!



Orxporter – the software that’s used to batch recolour and export all of Mutant Standard’s emoji – is now open source!

I’ve also made the build files for Mutant Standard public so you can make your own custom packages if you want!


More info:

Thank @kiilas for all the amazing work they have put into this!!!