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Mutant Standard

Something cool that I shared with patrons a month ago: a very rough concept of what a browser extension could look like~

@code stay tuned on this account! I expect them to be available sometime the end of March!

I'm also posting some test fonts in the Discord for people to try out (and also help me test on different platforms I don't have hehe >w>)

This is working in Safari, but not in Firefox - I don't support there's anyone that might know why that is?

IK the metrics are wonky btw - still a work in progress! ✨

Some progress with making an font that can replace Apple's emoji set on macOS!

(Thanks to peeps on the Mutant Standard Discord for hepling out!)

working hard on making fonts 4 u~


laptop’s lookin real cute thanks to this new @mutantstd sticker 🌵

Fun thing discovered with one of the working builds of the SVGinOT font...

The second delivery was of a set of queer emoji stickers by @mutantstd. Physical emojis are a thing, and these are awesome and GAAAAY. :3

If you wanna see more emoji streams, you can help this project reach the next goal of $300/mo on Patreon!

That stream was really fun! Got to improve all of the train emoji!

In case anyone wants a more immediate alternative to Patreon, you can pursue a patronage-style system within Gumroad via it's subscriptions, with caveats.

(The biggest one IMO being you have to provide something in return, so traditional Patreon $1 subs don't really translate here)

This is an article on Gumroad's blog from someone who was able to do that, and talks about the pros and cons -

I've now made 898 completed individual emoji designs in Mutant Standard

The first scheduled emoji making livestream will be this Saturday, 9th February at 23:00 UTC! (Midnight CET, 6pm US Eastern, 3pm US Western, Sun 9am AEST) -

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