I've got more open slots for emoji commissions!

DM my agent @kiilas if you're interested!

More info: noct.zone/commissions

🎶 Rollin' around at the speed of sound
🎶 Got places to go, gotta follow my paperclip!

trans help needed, donations (mh mention) 

Mutant Standard was the first emoji set to have a trans flag, in addition to many other non-rainbow pride flags. :3 :transgender_flag: :genderqueer_flag: :demiguy_flag: :bear_flag: :nonbinary_flag:

First wave of portable game console emoji made! (have not done Sony portables, Switch or the hundreds of Nintendo 3DS variations yet)


Old-time proverb: "a firecracker a day keeps the doctor away".

If you'd like to help make more gay, furry, weird and wonderful emoji get made (and help a disabled queer designer) check the project out on Patreon~!


I have more empty slots for emoji commissions, DM my agent @kiilas if you're interested!!

More info: noct.zone/commissions

@eldang they're not! I wanna make new badges soon, ones that aren't hotlinked.

I like how the GNOME font viewer displays a random set of characters each time in the preview for an emoji font

i don't wanna holler but @dzuk's work with @mutantstd has literally done more for queer arts and queer representation than anything anyone else on the fediverse has even dreamed of.

if i was a big arts foundation i would literally be sending zir the Big Bucks right now just to keep doing what ze is doing. zero joke. without a second thought.

i'm not though so…

maybe give a little on my behalf?

-> paypal.me/mutantstandard

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