On boycotting Kickstarter 

Big tech, unions (Kickstarter) 

Big tech, unions (Kickstarter) 

I should also say that due to a lack of viewers atm, I can't actually tell if the AVIF images were successful. The only working viewer I could find 1. doesn't show transparency (or the encoder failed to preserve it) and 2. it's showing a bunch of artifacts. IDK if that means the viewer is bad, the encoding is bad or AVIF Lossless isn't actually lossless

(currently using a WASM decoder cconcolato.github.io/wasm-av1/)

Comparing size performance for lossless AVIF on an in-progress version of Mutant Standard 0.4.1. It's lower, but not as low as the competition, and it took an incredibly long time to compile.

(I know that AVIF is counting on new dedicated hardware coming in 2020, it still sucks though, and it's not actually worth it!)

UK pol, antifascist election action 

re: trans rights, techbro bullshit 

It seems like that the unicode situation isn't necessarily what it seemed, so I deleted the toot in case to prevent it from spreading anymore. Thanks for the replies!

why am I reading unicode proceedings


> We are, however, doubtful that BDSM and furry flags would meet the requirements for frequency of usage, multiple usages, and image distinctiveness

(L2/19-194, unicode.org/L2/L2019/19194-tra)

Anniversary goals - what things I planned on doing for year 2 and how they went, and what I plan on doing in the next year of Mutant Standard:


Because I'm lazy, hungry and like solidarity and labour rights, I just ordered food from Kolyma-2, the food delivery collective in Berlin.


It's fun and easy to place your order in a Signal chat. This is the cyberpunk platform cooperative future we want.

Some more new emoji coming in the next version of Mutant Standard, and some more hoof hand designs! :v_hmn_g1:

Some more new emoji coming in the next version of Mutant Standard, and some more hoof hand designs! :v_hmn_g1:

Hey, I've got open slots for emoji commissions! :ferris_thinking: :balloon_deflated: :angry_steam_ms: :arduboy: :hot_shit: :throunking: :dark_elf: :dreamcast_controller:

DM @kiilas if you're interested!

More info: noct.zone/commissions

money (-), help needed 

Do u think my co workers know that I am a gay
(Shirt courtesy of @mutantstd )

Another preview of the next version that I gave to patrons a few weeks ago. The beginning of hoof hands!

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