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Mutant Standard

Upcoming codepoint in 0.3.2:

U+10169C Blep

Hey, I'm slowly looking more and more into a sticker sheet crowdfund. Let me know if you'd be interested in buying sticker sheets and if so, what kind of sheets would you like to see!

I've given some examples here, but they can be any emoji from Mutant Standard!

Mutant Standard S2

- Revamped thinks!
- New thinks!
- Avocado Toast and more cursed emoji!
- 32px versions!



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Mutant Standard Localisation / Text Description thoughts 4/ Show more

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I'm quite happy with the new Robot emoji design!

Was inspired by a bunch of my favourite real consumer and prototype Japanese robots. Comes complete with the fake eyes and smile and the sensor hole on the front where it really is looking at you from! Which i think is very cute.

I thought I'd talk about the very first set of emoji I decided to exclude from Mutant Standard.

Police and Border Patrol emoji – The Mutant Standard view

Orxporter – the software that’s used to batch recolour and export all of Mutant Standard’s emoji – is now open source!

I’ve also made the build files for Mutant Standard public so you can make your own custom packages if you want!


More info:

Thank @kiilas for all the amazing work they have put into this!!!

Mutant Standard 0.3.1!

- All Unicode tech emoji!
- New furry symbols (including all-new Awoo and Don’t Awoo)
- Fun Unicode emoji like robots, aliens and palm trees
- Greatly improved codepoint packages
- An all-new Mastodon package optimised for bulk importing.




More info:

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