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Stats for people who need screen readers 2/2 

Stats for people who need screen readers: 

Keep in mind this is not representative of what the average performance for these image formats are. (FLIF is decisively the most efficient on average)

AVIF and HEIC aren't lossless so they are not tested. I didn't try Lossless BPG because it's based on a subset of HEVC and that can go away.

More techy weirdness! Some internal tests on new image formats out of curiosity, and comparing them alongside existing SVG optimisation developments.

Mutant Standard aesthetic 2019

(also, holy shit, it's actually really coherent with my emoji style!)

the perils of font metrics, continued

(what this means is that the coordinate systems for horizontal and vertical writing orientation are completely offset from each other)

(going to have to figure out what extra magic CJK fonts pull to get this to work, holy shit)

Meet a new Mutant Standard emoji bot! @fruitmachine

(I also didn't make it - @shello did!)

woohoo! next big milestone to understanding what the fuck goes on with emoji fonts.

The SVGinOT's metrics problems have been fixed! Turns out even though it's technically supported, most if not all SVGinOT renderers don't know what the fuck to do with the viewbox attribute and react to it in really weird ways, meaning you have to strip it out and give it a weird treatment for it to look right without viewbox.

The test build now views in the area it should and works in Firefox.

Hey, Mutant Standard's Discord ( rules have been improved!


The reason for this is it's so easy to not feel safe in an online space when the administration hasn't explicitly said what kinds of things and what groups of people are and aren't okay, so I've put this together with the help of @kiilas to lay out just that.

it shouldn't affect anyone who is already here, it's just to make you all feel more safe. ^w^

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