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And the Patreon has hit $200/mo! Thank you all so much!!! Time to talk about livestreams!

All Patrons get to choose what streaming service I use in an exclusive poll I've just made! (

Oh also if you'd generally like to help me survive (I am a queer disabled person who doesn't have stable work and has been denied a government safety net), I have a Patreon where I make non-standard emoji for queers and furries and stuff!

Announcement for a project I've been working on, somewhat long, discord tos breaking material 

Hbomberguy's stream has been so incredible and fun, helping fill the gap sad fuckers like Graham Linehan has helped to create. . If you haven't checked it out yet, you really should, it's helping out trans kids! :3 ->

Hbomb's Donkey Kong 64 marathon stream starts today (Jan 18) at 20:30 UTC!! (15:30 US Eastern / 12:30 US Western / 07:30 East Australia)

It's benefitting that UK charity for trans youth that that piece of shit television writer tried to brigade.

(and if you're a $3+ patron, you can already see some of what's coming up on the exclusive patrons discord channel~~~)

People who wanted more shading on Mutant Standard emoji might like what I have in store for 0.4.0 >.>

Emoji 20th anniversary, important thing to talk about but it's not pleasant. 

cops, subtooting another emoji vendor 

cops, subtooting another emoji vendor 

cops, subtooting another emoji vendor 

cops, subtooting another emoji vendor 

sarcastic shitpost 

Old-time proverb: "The CRT test pattern is mightier than the sword".

Prototype of a Mutant Standard font working in iOS!

(the released version of this will be signed, don't worry)

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