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Hey, I've got open slots for emoji commissions! :ferris_thinking: :balloon_deflated: :angry_steam_ms: :arduboy: :hot_shit: :throunking: :dark_elf: :dreamcast_controller:

DM @kiilas if you're interested!

More info:

money (-), help needed 

Do u think my co workers know that I am a gay
(Shirt courtesy of @mutantstd )

Another preview of the next version that I gave to patrons a few weeks ago. The beginning of hoof hands!

Another preview of the next version that I gave to patrons a few weeks ago. The beginning of hoof hands!

($3+ patrons got to see them quite a few weeks ago ^^)

Some upcoming emoji and emoji changes in the next version of Mutant Standard ^w^

New Unicode emoji that won't be compatible with Mutant Standard:

- 🚓 🚔 (forgot to add them the first time I excluded police officer emoji)
- 🗾 (I'm not in the business of doing stuff that highlights a specific nation, not really relevant to people outside of japan)
- 🏇 (animal abuse)

10 prototype hoof hand emoji so far! 🐴 🦌 ✌️

sneak peek of some new style guidelines for Mutant Standard that i've made for myself

(i intend on showing my patrons this fully when it's ready)

Adding autism symbol to whatever the next release of Mutant Standard will be.

Sorry for taking so long to add something like this, tbh I've been very anxious about the idea of including symbols from groups of people I have no real part in or relation to? Which is kinda silly in hindsight. Anyway, it's coming.

The awesome @mutantstd is now two years old. Happy anniversary @dzuk & @kiilas!

Did you know Mutant Standard isn't just very well designed, sweet, and colourful emoji? Beyond its visuals, what sets Mutant Standard apart is its set of principles of culture decentralization and de-corporatisation, plus being in touch with the world:

I'm a proud supporter of Mutant Standard.
If you want to support it too, do take a look:

Wow, before playing with it today I never really realized just how big #MutantStandard really is! Latest download is 7111 svg files!!! :blobaww:

Sure, many of those are color variants generated by a script (I think), but just the ones done by hand must be in the high hundreds. (More?!?)

Deep respect for @dzuk.
Check out zir work and and throw some money zir way!

(It was technically yesterday (27th), but I didn't really plan ahead very much x_x)

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