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I got WhatsApp's transgender flag working in font development earlier than I planned to! E:

Important streaming update!

Due to some unforseen stuff (insomnia), I'm going to have to move the stream to 3am UK time. (+ 6 hours)

(7pm US Western, 10pm US Eastern, 04:00 CET, 2pm East Australia)

Apologies for the short notice! xwx

It's not a competition (or is it?) but I'd like to remind everyone that Mutant Standard did a trans flag before WhatsApp's easter egg trans flag 😭

(And I'll make Mutant Standard's fonts and systems compatible with WhatsApp's trans flag in the future c:)

The monthly Mutant Standard livestream is happening today at 9pm UK time!

(1pm US Western, 4pm US Eastern, 22:00 CET, 8am East Australia)

Or I could just get bored and do what everyone else does. That's also equally possible for something like 🍳

When I say 'open interpretation time' I really mean it.

I mean, what would I be if I didn't take advantage of a really vaguely worded emoji? 🙃

The next livestream will be Saturday 9th March at 21:00 GMT!

(13:00 US Western, 16:00 US Eastern, 22:00 CET, Sun 08:00 East Australia)

I plan on doing random symbols and objects I need in order to make a working font! (I might also show off some font building stuff)

they're not all the same because different platforms, different posting habits~

Something cool that I shared with patrons a month ago: a very rough concept of what a browser extension could look like~

This is working in Safari, but not in Firefox - I don't support there's anyone that might know why that is?

IK the metrics are wonky btw - still a work in progress! ✨

Some progress with making an font that can replace Apple's emoji set on macOS!

(Thanks to peeps on the Mutant Standard Discord for hepling out!)

Fun thing discovered with one of the working builds of the SVGinOT font...

The second delivery was of a set of queer emoji stickers by @mutantstd. Physical emojis are a thing, and these are awesome and GAAAAY. :3

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