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Meli (main aspect)

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my body is irritated. i think i have a cold? harrumph

happy transgender awareness week!

| aware of transgender |
| pls pet transgender |

btw heads up to all slacker jews: hanukkah is unnaturally early this year (starts Dec. 2) so start getting your shit together

I bothered the cat and she was like β€œyes? Do you want something?”

important mood update: i pet a large dog whom loved it and a small dog also. their human said they went for a swim earlier. large dog leaned on my legs and it was very nice and grounding. small dog smiled at me and did a good tail wag.

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brains are jerks and i do not approve

*any animal does literally anything in my general direction*
Me: This is a good omen. I've been blessed.

if your website doesn't allow users to be addressed as something other than their legal name in communications from the site, congratulations, your website is transphobic and you should fix it :heart_trans:

~*wearable art projects are punk*~ especially if you don’t wait for them to be β€œdone” before wearing them.

Birth of Listening Lady patch might just be surrounded by freehand embroidery?? Undecided. I want to do some geometric blackwork embroidery on it too, maybe on the sleeves or shoulders or ????? Something.