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Pretty average night around here with @Tekgo. [cat eye contact, tongue sticking out]

I'm interested in making a bunch of these (hamsas on scrap fabric) to give away, so let me know if you want one.

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Hey cats and kittens and fans thereof: Carly Rae Jepsen has a new music video out. It gets a little heterosexual at the end but I'll forgive that in favor of a bazillion orange cats.

I have since finished the hamsa and can provide more photos later when it is in the same room as my phone

I embroidered half a hamsa. The background fabric is bluer than it looks in this photo.

I love filling out kickstarter surveys. Past-me bought future-me a present, and current-me is facilitating its delivery!

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im sad and i have a cold again. *mopes*

Happy International Women's Day!

This 1914 poster was banned in the German Empire!

Hi friends. I wrote something about Dr. James Barry's misgendering and post-death respect.

Hey WE-ers this might be an awesome time to consider putting something in the hat of our esteemed mod @dzuk who keeps this place shipshape and troll-(and worse)-free. And generally is an awesome person :heart_ms:

This thread's been copied from my twitter,, and I'll probably keep adding to it later. Let me know if you explore and find cool stuff yourself though!

The only one I've watched in full so far is Frank Armitage's anatomical animation as a palate cleanser after briefly browsing some horrifically racist WWII era films. It includes a brief history of medical art and scientific illustration along with some really cool animation of heart anatomy and Fantastic Voyage backdrops.

They all boil down to "the old people may die, but if your young people separate from the old ways and assimilate, they will survive."
You could probably write a whole paper about the differences between the three focusing on experiences of medical racism (and media racial stereotyping) as faced by Black/Mexican/Native communities.
Let My People Live:
Cloud in the Sky:
Another to Conquer:

The essay for Let My People Live/Cloud in the Sky/Another to Conquer (?!) starts out focusing on the director Edgar Ulmer more than how they're public health educational films about and for POC communities, but they do discuss it. "In the three ethnically-focused films, TB’s death-grip on the community is imagined to be a consequence of an outmoded, dangerously traditional way of thinking."