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Pretty average night around here with @Tekgo. [cat eye contact, tongue sticking out]

Hey mastodon I got a horrible hat wanna see (warning: sounds that are theoretically chicken related and also some eye contact)

I’m looking for anyone who has had or can point me to accounts of experiences setting up a #gender-neutral bathroom at a #tech #conference—signage, logistics, safety, etc. Boosts appreciated!

Yr fave Jewish queer hornéd cryptid is thrilled it’s finally flannel shirt season (selfie, eye contact? tongue out)

the long form of my gender can only be uttered in the holiest of holies by the kohen gadol

ds9 s7 specifics and religion feelings and forgiveness feelings 

ds9 s7 specifics and religion feelings 

Between the days of awe, the Forgiveness Discourse around that one murderer, and this episode of DS9 where kira's transported to terok nor my little pattern-finding brain is very uncomfortable

oh, important info: it's pay what you want, $0 totally fine, and if you're in seattle and want a physical copy instead let me know :D

i made a zine! It's about chronic illness and healthcare stuff, and full of collaged pain scales and patient intake forms and the like.

hey fediverse and friends are any of you going to ? I'll be there for the first time (!) and I am bonkers excited

*pokes nose in* hello friends. I made a zine and put this account on the contact-me part so I figured I'd log back in for the first time in (mumblemumble). what's up? what'd I miss?

a dialogue with myself (silly but mh- and pol-) 

Basically the data analysis one ended up paused because the Ruth one (in discussion-based class format) had a deadline of last Saturday. But I did prep for teaching it, and the teaching went well, so it's close to presentable.

i pet an 8 month old puppy at dog friendly coffee shop today, and am fueled with iced americano, and miiiight actually finish one of the backlog of rewrites/edits I have. One's on queer family of choice in the book of ruth and one's that gilead data analysis thing I was working on a few weeks ago....both will end up blogged eventually, I hope...

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