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Pretty average night around here with @Tekgo. [cat eye contact, tongue sticking out]

Hello from California, by the way. I'm on stop 2 of 3 on my train travels and it's a good time, so far. :)

Was telling colleagues about the slugs on the Tate museum, and realized I wasn't sure if I'd told y'all. They were pretty fabulous: (art installation; not real slugs)

I’m cute, maybe? (Selfie, eye contact) and my shirt’s got a hood!!

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Talking to me it's like:

I love the torah! G-d is so great and I love to pray to G-d :) Singing together is so nice. The torah teaches us that All͞ t̶he̛ wo͜rl̡d̨'s g҉ov͡er͝n͜men͡t̵s ̵are̸ i̷l̛l̕egi̢ma̕t̶e ͞and̢ m͝u̶s͠t̸ be vi͏olently͘ ҉torn ̛down͡ ͝a͝n̕d r͡ep͝l̴a̸ced wi̷th in͞t̶ernat̴io͡nalişt s̷o͟cialis͞m b̴ui̷lding͡ ͏t͘o͢wa҉rds̨ ̵full ͢commun͞is͢m͡ and̛ ҉o͢nl̨y ̷t͞h͟e͞n͝ ̸E̕lija͝h̸ wi҉l͜l ̕ra͞is͜e th҉e ̡dead̸

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"why are you interested in this job?"

"Well you see, I've always had a strong passion for a roof over my head, electricity, running water, and food"

"3. There must be a spirit of anarchy.

Chindogu are man-made objects that have broken free from the
chains of usefulness.

They represent freedom of thought and action:

The freedom to challenge the suffocating historical dominance of conservative

The freedom to be (almost) useless."

Catching up on podcasts, and 99pi reminded me of chindogu and their absurdist design sensibilities.

It just tickles me to know that Marcel Duchamp's The Bride Stripped Bare By Her Bachelors, Even (The Large Glass) is now in the public domain

The public domain contains a year of old-new materials from 1923 for the first time in decades. For once, Disney and Co let some new shit in!

Happy new year. 2018 was terrible for a lot of us, but we’re pushing back against that, and regression to the mean is on our side.

I live my life faving things I've seen
I live my life in a toot-lab screen

even better alternative to salvation army is to send the money here: this is a bilingual agency in DC that helps LGBT people in need via a drop-in center, housing for queer youth, and case management. they have been helpful to me in the past and they do great work!

if you ever feel like no one likes you, pls remember this kitten likes you :blobcatheart:

Pretty average night around here with @Tekgo. [cat eye contact, tongue sticking out]