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Pretty average night around here with @Tekgo. [cat eye contact, tongue sticking out]

a dialogue with myself (silly but mh- and pol-) 

Things we can do about the current US Migra awfulness 

Basically the data analysis one ended up paused because the Ruth one (in discussion-based class format) had a deadline of last Saturday. But I did prep for teaching it, and the teaching went well, so it's close to presentable.

i pet an 8 month old puppy at dog friendly coffee shop today, and am fueled with iced americano, and miiiight actually finish one of the backlog of rewrites/edits I have. One's on queer family of choice in the book of ruth and one's that gilead data analysis thing I was working on a few weeks ago....both will end up blogged eventually, I hope...

So why did I change? Mostly because I read a series of studies showing that one person talking about their giving encourages others in their circle to donate more. Here are a couple of open-access examples:

That struck me as worth getting over my embarrassment for.

One more thing on charity: I used to believe very strongly in donating as quietly as possible, out of humility and to keep the intent of the gift "pure", in a slight misunderstanding of Maimonides' advice: . It still makes me uncomfortable to talk publicly about giving, even though I now understand that advice to be about not creating power imbalances with recipients.

Image from page 32 of "George Tait and Sons' price list and descriptive catalogue of field and garden seeds" (1902)

hey internet i'm back home and back to my normal nothing. gotta drink coffee and submit a job application today. i already picked up a couple prescriptions. maybe i'll read a book.

everyone at the tea shop is having a monday today. fortunately this means we're all like "no, seriously, it's fine!!!" about each other's minor mishaps. XD

I'm at the dog friendly coffee shop and have pet two dogs! and seen additional dogs! And finished a book!

more screenprinting braindump ideas 

art braindump, feels (-) 

screenprinting brainstorm thread 

screenprinting brainstorm thread 

I got a book about screenprinting and now I want to play with that and screenprint ALL THE THINGS. I'm making myself hold off until I have ideas and/or sketches of designs to actually print, though.

Current status: tired, and trying to rest enough that this cold goes away ASAP. Hrmph. be clear, this is me *requesting* advice not giving it

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