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Nah, we aren't actually the most trustworthy instance. (For one thing, all the mods/admins thus far are white, so we've got inherent blind spots.) But that's an awesome compliment, thank you!
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do you ever feel like marbles are something we collectively made up?

i've held marbles, i've played with marbles but i haven't seen one in SO LONG they've sort of become a figment of my imagination

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not to be political on main, but once our former president mariano rajoy said:

"somos sentimientos y tenemos seres humanos"

and if that's not the realest thing any politician has said, well, call me a fool

Applied for a new apartment, wish me luck. I have a ding on my credit score because a 15 dollar hospital bill went to collections, and I'm mad about it. Hopefully it'll be okay.

I realized today that I never fully appreciated Pride in years past. I knew it was important to the queers and I support the queers so I supported Pride - but I couldn't feel it.

This year I finally learned to see how shame has informed and corrupted almost every part of my life. I've become public and vocal about my shame and my struggles, and that spell has been broken for me a bit.

Pride is a celebration of exactly that, for queers.

It's holy.

I'm humbled and awed by you all.

Hey all, sorry about that - the SSL cert expired. It's supposed to auto renew regularly so I dunno what went wrong, but we're back up now and I'll brief the admin team about what happened. :)

Hey everyone we're back - sorry for the unplanned down time!

@vector @eldang hi friends! I've given @mcmoots access to the server and I'd like to give you access as well. Can you both email me with your public keys and I'll create login accounts for you? meta 

Hi friends! I've not been around too much lately, sorry about that - but I wanted to share a twitter thread I wrote about autism that's going a little bit viral. This is all the stuff I wish I had known when I was a kid - learning it saved me, and if it helps any of you I'll be so happy.

This is still pretty buggy, but happy with my v0 of my new Cellular Automata tool.

It tracks state transitions to measure information flowing through the system. Is there a calculus of CAs? Maybe! Let's find out!

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we all back and good and working again?

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One really important occult/philosophical/functional insight I've received from the author of this piece and others like it is this: It's not "as above so below", it's "as below so above".

The universe is an act of creation, and that creation is not ordered towards some known teleology - rather, it's spontaneous, and meaning is only ascribed afterwards.

Object permanence is a myth. What we mistakenly think of as object permanence is actually a (sometimes useful) illusion generated by a mind-virus that evolved symbiotically with human cognition - in other words, a story.

Recognizing the narrative DNA of such things doesn't necessarily mean it's useful or even desirable to deconstruct them, though.

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As always, if you want to invite your friends, you can do so in the settings!

Sidekiq bumped, everyone. I've got to figure out how to boost the RAM it has available so this stops happening, which I'll do when I update us to a new version.

Which, hmm. I'm behind, but I know the project forked and I'm not sure which upgrade path to take? Who can link me to a meaningful read on this subject? Was there ever a resolution?

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