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That warbling voice he uses in the flaming lips vocal solos is my jam.

“Will the fight for our sanity be the fight of our lives?” Etc.

Everything back clean, I'm back home. They said best guess it was a concussion with ancillary weirdness, but that I am still going to have to see a neurologist. yay!

Whacked my head something fierce this evening, a few hours later had a brief seizure.

I do not get seizures, so this development is alarming.

Now in the ER waiting for cat scan results.

Having an afternoon of just straight-up bawling to Soft Bulletin. I'd not given it a serious listen since my Troubles started, and now that I do I realize that it's so much richer than I even thought. It's about your world breaking but not having the courtesy to take you with it, and now you just have to fucking exist every damn day.

My adorable 3yo brother-in-law is currently really into two things: toilet humor and the Les Miserables soundtrack.

This results in scenarios like:

Me: Hey Jib, sing your favorite song!
Jib: "🎵There is a 🎵castle in a 💩 poopykaka hahahaha"

Hi if you can see this please reply to it! (if there are already a lot of replies you don't have to but if you want to say hi it's a good excuse!)

Are we back? Have I fixed us?!

Umm, hmm. It looks like federation is still broken, huh?

Sorry all I won’t have time until later to dig into it. We’ll get there!

Federation test!

Is there anybody out there, please?

(It's so quiet in here, and I'm beginning to freeze...)

Note to self next time this happens: `sudo docker-compose kill` and then `sudo docker-compose up -d` is enough. No need to dig through various internals trying to debug, just nuke it form orbit.

Hey we should be back and federating again! 👋

Bouncing server in a few, y'all, pardon any interruptions should be brief.

He and I were both hiding from the crowd in the kitchen but he never so much as made eye contact with me.

Sitting five feet from a sitting US senator at a holiday party and people keep nervously coming up and thanking him for his service and I’m just like, hmm.

(I do not usually move in such circles, it’s a confluence of unusual circumstances.)

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Here's a lovely thing that Long Beach does:

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look at this guy

Argh sorry to vaguetoot but got some bad health news from a family member and 2018 keeps on sucking.

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