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mykola @mykola

Off to Saint Louis for Strange Loop, so excited! I haven’t been for a few years, glad to be back in it - plus @ahandvanish is speaking on the main stage! :-D

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@mykola @ahandvanish woohoo! I hope we can get together in person, if you’d be cool with that

@b @ahandvanish absolutely, you in the main hotel?

@mykola @ahandvanish in Union Station? Yes! I’ll be hanging around all afternoon, with various breaks to deal with elm-conf things. Ping me when you get in if you like

@b @ahandvanish we are hanging out in the hotel bar if you’re around!

@mykola @ahandvanish just about to head to bed! We’ll have better luck getting together on days on which I’m not running a conference for sure. 😄

@b @ahandvanish no worries, we’re here all week!

@mykola @ahandvanish are you at the conf party tonight?

@b @ahandvanish hey last minute but do you want to join the crew for dinner at 6?

Also, do you know where is good bbq?

@mykola @ahandvanish hmm, Sugarfire and Pappy’s are both good. I prefer the former.

As for dinner, I think I’ll have to pass but thank you! I barely missed you after one of the talks. LMK where you end up this evening and I will try and come say hey!

@b @ahandvanish I think we want to end up in the hotel bar this evening, will you be around?

@b @ahandvanish ugh, I noticed. I’m sorry, I don’t think we have the energy to go out again. I think we will have to high five another time!

@mykola @ahandvanish yeah, deffo. Well here’s one anyway: 👋

@mykola also, would you please pass on to @ahandvanish that the talk was lovely? I sat with some coworkers in the balcony and we all thoroughly enjoyed it.