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A day with no obligations. Slept til 2. Took a bath. Took a shower. Ate a sandwich. Played a game until I got bored of it.

Skipping a friend's thanksgiving dinner tonight for no reason other than I don't want to socialize.

My partner is in Boston doing an art show in collaboration with a kind and famous comedian, and I didn't go because I thought I had a thing.

When it turned out I didn't I couldn't find it in myself to overrule that decision.

Feeling empty.

mykola @mykola

I regret not going to Boston, it would have been neat, but I am just so tired. I need to rest, I can't seem to get rest.

I've been hacking on a side project and that's been fun, but there's just way more work ahead of me than behind me and I don't have the wherewithal to just sit down and press the attack.

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