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any of you play FFXIV? I'm considering trying to get back into it...

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@mykola There's a few on here who play. My polycule is trying to get me into it, but I'm still on the fence...

@not_on_pizza @mykola We do! We and @decis just started last month on that server I can't ever remember the name of... Midgardsomr or something. It's been fun. WoW really warped my idea of what an MMO is, but there's a ton of different stuff to do, not just Kill N Foos, return to NPC, repeat.

@feathersong @not_on_pizza @mykola @decis i was thinking about it but haven't taken the plunge. the outfits look faboo in the screenshots i've seen

@prin @not_on_pizza @mykola @decis It's FF, so yeah, even the crappiest fashion in the game looks pretty nice. But it's probably worth a word of warning, you can't really get into it hard core until close to end game levels. The materials are expensive and/or hard to come by, and you need upper level quests to take full advantage. Really though, I just enjoy hanging around and noodling about in the various aesthetic environments. It's a pretty nice getaway.

@mykola @not_on_pizza @prin
@feathersong and we are both very behind on story quests. There's so much to do everywhere we go that it's very easy to get sidetracked and do side quests or crafting or gathering for several hours instead of moving on with the story. We appreciate a game that lets us feel like being in the world, and there's so much world that it's kind of overwhelming.

Yet we've barely scratched the surface of the earliest part of the game, let alone the expansions that add even more things to do.