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mykola @mykola

Hi weirdos! It’s my birthday today, I’m 36! No exciting plans, Hannah is traveling and work is unusually busy so we’ll celebrate in a couple of weeks.

I just wanted to say: I’m incredibly grateful for all of you, for trusting me to create this space that you’re all imbuing with so much meaning.

This coming year I want to focus on giving more to my community - here and elsewhere.

Cheers, and thanks for keeping weirder earth weird!

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@mykola oh gosh, happy birthday and thank *you* for keeping the lights on here! this place is fantastic and it would not be so without you!

@mykola Oh friend happy happy happy birthday!!! I am so grateful for this community and delighted to know you, may your 36th year be filled with joy and abundance 🎉

@mykola happy, happy birthday to you!
thank you so much for creating this space! I love it here!

weirdos for weirdos!

@mykola happy birthday! The big three-six :)

@mykola Happy birthday! Thank you for This is a good space.

@mykola 💙💙💙 happy birthday and thanks for your w. e. work!!

@mykola Happy birthday! I hope you have a wonderful day.

@mykola wow wow wow!

Happy wonderful day! :heart_ms:

I continue to be so grateful for this space (which feels like we're all crashing in your living room and you're like, "help selves to what's in the fridge, I might have to step out for a bit, but make yourselves at home" which is the coolest, warmest feeling).

I'm still not quite sure how I got so lucky with my random first attempt at finding a Mastodon home, but it's honestly the best. Thank you!!!!

And I hope you have the best day!

@mykola Happiest of Birthdays! Hank you for providing us with such an amazing space, and I hope you get some chances to do whatever the hell you want today.


@mykola Hooray, I'm very glad you were born! I hope your eventual celebration is full of delight.