I posted some thoughts to birdsite about the spirit world. I’d love to hear your thoughts here if you find this interesting:

@mykola oh wow i really like what you wrote. it's a "down to earth" approach to the spirit world (if that is even a thing). I love that.

you know, not "woo-woo the less you understand the more mysterious and powerful that makes me look"

@mykola This is *wonderful*. Thank you for it. I would say more but I'm sick and it is making my brain is not working so good.

@mykola First, thank you. I appreciate your thoughts & ideas. While I may quibble with how they are presented -- twitter (and even Mastodon) present ideas in fractures (I still prefer a fully realized & polished piece of writing) -- I understand why you chose your medium. To me, spiritual stories transcend politics & culture; they inhabit our souls & speak of our natural connection with each other, our struggles, our memories of those who came before us, our beliefs in a greater force. Peace.

@mykola This really resonates with me - I like the framing of stories using us to write themselves. (My partner is doing a lot of Jungian reading for class and this seems to be in line with that school of thought!)

For me - I was a Christian as long as that story, however problematic, felt like it resonated for me. Then once I felt "popped out of the story" (my words) I could no longer participate. It had become a story that didn't speak to my heart anymore.

@compostablespork yup! I had the understanding some time ago that everything I believe is a story, and that people telling stories to other people control the world. But I hadn't fully understood just how much stories want to tell themselves, sort of.

@mykola Isn't part of the importance of meditation the opportunity to step out of the flow of stories and notice what they are, whether we believe them or not, and get better about recognizing them as they arise?

@compostablespork yeah I think that's right. That's interesting, the gravity of the story... did you ever watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer? Remember the ghosts in the high school from a murder/suicide in the 50s forcing students to re-enact it? That's a pretty good way to think about it, huh?

@mykola I never saw it! I've heard great things about it over the years but that's one story I'm completely ignorant of!

@compostablespork omg if you enjoy tv shows at all it's really worth watching. one of the rare shows that just gets better as it goes. :)

@mykola Maybe one day! I have super limited access - we're currently still, slowly, slowly, working our way through West Wing by DVDs from the library. It's taken over a year but we're finally to season 6!

My partner is really tough to watch TV with though, I wonder if she would like Buffy. Anything that's a comedy is right out. She's American but somehow missed the dopey comedy gene. Everyone told us to watch The Good Place and she was hating it so much. She's kind of a pain, lol.

@compostablespork oh dear, okay, so Buffy is not a comedy. It's a monster-of-the-week 90s feminist horror and romance serial with shockingly good writing for its time that holds up in most ways today.

XFiles but with adorable and lovable rapscallions in place of agents of the state.

It's hilarious and heartbreaking and basically identified toxic male nerds as the Big Problem 20 years before the rest of the world caught on.

@mykola I want to see it so bad!

Maybe she'd tolerate it... I haven't had great luck with monsters with her either, though...

Meanwhile she just came home from our local indie cinema because I have zero capacity to watch the heartwrenching independent films she loves.

@compostablespork oh dear this might be a lost cause and you should just watch buffy when she's out!

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